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Seth Meyers Addresses Dressage, Mitty, & the Perks of Being an NBC Employee

In a refreshing break from having to actually listen to any of the NBC commentators (aside from Bob and Mary, who are—obviously—delightful), Seth Meyers stopped by the studio this afternoon for a little post Dressage commentary, among other hilarious things.

Meyers declared, “I have Olympic fever and I think in the daze of Olympic fever, I  somehow got Shanghaied into being here [in the studio],” for his usual fee of a turkey sandwich. Apparently the catering at the NBC London studio is not great, because the actual anchor clarified, “a dry turkey sandwich.”

Of course, given the state of affairs at NBC, it might be considered pretty generous that they can offer an appearance fee to one of their own. When asked about how he came to be in London, Meyers said, “Well look, we’ve worked for NBC for a long time and at some point you have to say, like, I’d like to go to the Olympics.” And apparently as long as you’re willing to stop by on your way to a beach volley ball match, NBC will make that happen for you.

I want to work at NBC.

Meyers on Women’s Gymnastics & Becoming an Expert

“It’s so exciting… If you spend two hours at women’s gymnastics live you feel like a full expert… You’re like, ‘Oh that’s a double Arabian, that’s no small thing… That’s an execution deduction!'”

I feel you Seth. I, too, am a gymnastics expert based on three years of childhood participation and a couple of evenings of wondering if there are any teams other than the Americans, Russians and Chinese.

Meyers on the Badminton Scandal

First of all, you have to excuse the coaches and players, because they probably were not aware that anyone would be watching, as they are playing badminton, ““They did not realize that you guys [at NBC] have a million hours of coverage.”


“You just realize, like as a coach ,if you’re ever going to ask your players to throw a game, you have to practice throwing a game.” This made the entire studio laugh. Including the people who are being paid to be quiet behind the scenes.

Meyers on Dressage and How Rich Mitt Romney Is

“Mitt couldn’t be distancing himself enough from this horse… When you say [during the Brian Williams interview]: ‘I don’t quite know what my wife’s horse is doing in the Olympics,’ that is the longest way to say ‘You have no idea how rich I am.’”

“You should be able to embrace the fact that your wife’s horse is in the Olympics, and people shouldn’t be able to use it against you, like I just did—but I hold myself to a different lower standard.”

Meyers on Appropriate Patriotism & Team USA Support

“I’m rooting for Rafalca [the Romney horse]… Well look, we’re Americans and we have to root for all our American athletes—even horses with super foreign names.”



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Daniel Radcliffe’s Saturday Night (Never-You-Mind About Lana Del Rey)


I actually made myself watch at least half of each of Lana Del Rey’s performances when I finally DVRed it up with Saturday Night Live this morning. Really, I did. And that is last I have to say about it, other than noting that this Thought Catalog self-defense is pretty special, and calling your attention to the awkward spin she did halfway through “Video Games.”


Aside from the lacklustre musicality, Daniel Radcliffe’s SNL outing was pretty solid. There was only one Harry Potter sketch (“No one wants to see Dumbledore working at Harry Pottery Barn”), a lot of reddish wig wearing, and a lot of back-and-forth in the accent department. The Potter movies benefited from a healthy dose of humor, throughout the entire series, culminating in surprising moments of levity in the face of death in Deathly Hallows, Part 2; thus, I had been waiting to see how one of the lead three would fare hosting SNL, betting on Radcliffe given that he just finished How to Succeed…, has been living in New York, and has a new film coming out (sidebar: how few people noticed that Emma Watson is in My Week with Marilyn?).

Remember when Seth Meyers was in sketches? / NBC.com

The opening monologue wasn’t entirely inspired or hysterical, but it wasn’t awkward either—and quite often, really, that’s a win on SNL. Radcliffe jibed at adult fans of Potterdom, explain that although “I know [the books] were long, but that’s because the letters were big—you know for children.” He also reflected that of all the actors who have played him in past sketches (Rachel Dratch, Bill Hader, Will Forte, Hugh Jackman), that “I think we can all agree Jackman came the closest.”

Although they DO both sing and dance... / NBC.com

Someone has a high opinion of himself.

Just saying.

So after a hilarious No-Really-I’m-Not-A-Robot-I’m-Just-Like-You Mitt Romney cold open by Jason Sudeikis, and monologue, the night carried on with the return of Target Lady and an epic-mullet-wearing Radcliffe as the stock boy who loves her. In this sketch, we were all afforded a moment to confront and accept just how incredibly porcelain Daniel Radcliffe is, when he ripped his shirt open to display the muscles he is beefing up for Target Lady. In case you missed it in Deathly Hallows, Part 2 and/or Equus… he is a pale man with very dark hair.

Blam! / NBC.com

Also, there was the first of the Sarah McLachlan jokes for the evening when Wiig’s character is told to keep the change—which is not allowed to do—she cries, “I know! I’m gonna give this to Sarah McLachlan and her wet dogs!”

Meanwhile, critics of Participation Trophies and the self-indulgence of blogs everywhere are sure to have enjoyed the “You Can Do Anything” show, celebrating the most affirmed generation in history:

  • “Because I have no shame or self-awareness.”
  • “I’m what you would call ‘Twitter famous’.” “Meaning?” “Not famous.”
  • “I went to a school with no grades! I tried, and therefore no one should criticize me.”

Shortly afterwards, a promo for the Jersey-Boys-alike musical, Delaware Fellas (representing the state that was named after another state’s governor), ended with a ringing endorsement from Joe Biden (seriously though, where has he been lately? #irl) who gives the show “three and a half trains: Woot! Woot! Woot! Wo—!”

And then there was the return to Hogwarts, where young wizards will spend the best years of their lives, “Honestly, the best. It does not get better,” as a washed-up Harry Potter informs them.

In regards to recent life events in the post-Voldemort world: “And just yesterday—this is equally exciting—I bought a Volvo.” That’s a big deal. And very safe.

Radcliffe also stopped by the Weekend Update desk (my favorite place, clearly), as Casey Anthony’s newly adopted Yorkshire terrier, asking: “I mean, where was Sarah McLachlan on that one?” when Anthony applied to adopt a canine companion. HE also spoke out against the perceived monopoly cats have on certain types of humor: “Dogs can be sarcastic too. It’s not just for cats.”

My dog is always sarcastic. Especially when I throw something for her to fetch and she makes me go get it instead.

Seth Meyers also informed us that “A pub in England ahs started selling a special beer designed for dogs. I’m sorry, let me read that again: A pub in England has started selling Miller Lite.” Meanwhile, I have started drinking PBR as a method of staving off hangovers, since it is the equivalent of downing a nice cold tallboy of water.

I also really enjoyed the New Hampshire Primary Exit Poll sketch, and for some reason died when one of Wiig’s questions to Radcliffe went like this:

“Can you sleep on planes?”
“Yes!” with great enthusiasm.
“I can’t!” And I hate you a little.

For the record, I can doze on planes.

And the last, most magical thing that happened, went down when Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers were off on stage left at the end of bows, totally jamming it out.

So while I am glad that I made the choice to see some live sketch comedy on Saturday at Chicago Sketch Fest (which incidentally involved a parody of the way Saturday Night Live wraps up the show every week), and today I am pretty pleased that I have a DVR and that it is forever programmed to record SNL—just in case.


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I’m Afraid I’ve Not Been In

Sorry about that. Things have been kind of crazy busy around here lately and sadly, the blogging had to take a hiatus. I’ve missed a lot of marvelous goings on, but hopefully things will be up and running properly again shortly. I have, however, tried to stay on top of my Twitter whilst away, so you should be following me, because I am told it is such a delight.

Things I am so sad to have missed commenting on:

  1. The Muppets on Saturday Night Live with Jason Segel.


  2. Kermit visiting the Weekend Update desk for a special segment of “REALLY?! with Seth and Kermit”(he’s not a puppet, he’s a real live talking frog). Also, I signed a petition about that whole pizza is a vegetable thing, and it’s still making me sick to think about.



  3. Most of the Figure Skating Grand Prix season and the final (although, to be fair the failure there has a lot to do with the failure of AT&T U-Verse to carry Universal Sports).
    Charlie White and Meryl Davis, Free Dance for the Gold/ UniversalSports.com Reuters

So really, two things. Also the Savoy Cocktail Project, which will be back up and running shortly. I had a dinner party and tried out some Cocchi Americano… I was very pleased.

I have also started watching How I Met Your Mother, which—for the vast numbers of people surely wondering—is now available to stream on Netflix. Note it.

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United States of FIFA [12] Commercial with… Seth Meyers

This aired after the ‘Weekend Update’ segment of last weekend’s Saturday Night Live premiere.

I had to  stop fast-forwarding, rewind and watch again.

Also Steve Nash and apparently Hope Solo. But I am far more entertained by Seth Meyers. Obviously.


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Seth Meyers at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Really, you don’t need much more than the title of this post and the video. If you love Seth Meyers like I do, you need this in your life.

A few teaser lines:

“If you ever see Anderson Cooper with his shirt off, turn off your television and run.

“John Hamm looks the way every Republican thinks they look. Zach Galifianakis is also here. Zach Galifianakis looks the way Republicans think every Democrat looks.”

“Donald Trump has been saying that he will run for president as a Republican, which is surprising because I just assumed he was running as  joke.”

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Charlie Sheen’s Wine of Choice

Assuming that Charlie Sheen would deign to drink something as low-key as red wine… I think I discovered the obvious front-runner: Gnarly Head.

As highlighted on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment on Winners vs. Losers, the volume of cocaine purportedly clogging Sheen’s airways has left him lost in the 1980s. This is evidenced by his usage of 80s slang (winner) such as “gnarly” and “bitchin’.”

“What do you mean there’s new slang? How did I not hear it?”

“You haven’t stopped talking for 25 years.”

And a parting shot of snark from favorite Seth Meyers…

“The biggest loser? Winning. Doesn’t seem to mean the same thing anymore.”

I now vow never again to ponder the dung heap that is Charlie Sheen’s life. My only excuse is that we had this bottle of wine at dinner last night and it was cosmic.

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England-USA: Howard, Green & the Three-Minute Men

To be fair, I did not come up with that title; it was a viewing buddy’s brain child, but it needed to be used.

Ok, so England scored a mere three minutes into the game yesterday—pretty crazy.


And then Tim Howard just brought it. Seriously. The U.S. has the best goalie. And not only do we have an amazing goalie, but he sports an amazing neon orange kit.

These things are important too. Never forget that.

Maybe if Green had an awesome neon ensemble verses being Green in Green, he wouldn’t have had that fumble.


On the other he apparently made an awesome save in the second half. I had lost my concentration by then, I admit.

We watched the match at Louis 649, perched at the bar between their two 50-odd inch flat screens (rented especially for the World Cup), almost evenly split between England and the USA.

[Sidenote: Wearing a Saint George’s cross flag like a cape on Avenue B might result in having a thumbs-down shoved in your face as you walk. Seriously, your big anti-England move is to silently thumbs-down? I mean sure, you invaded personal space with your bit of sign language, but really. Really.]

We had two for England, two for USA and then me doing the tightrope.

My bracket choice called for a draw in the game so, you know, I won, in case you wondered. I decided to express my neither-nor status by cheering for the USA and drinking many Pimm’s No. 1 Cups.

I thought it was a good line to tread.

Also, I feel bad for Green. Things happen. And it’s not like they lost. They didn’t win (to clarify again, I won), but they didn’t lose either.

“It is regrettable and not what you want to happen but that’s life and you move on. You hold your head up high and get to work in training. It won’t affect me psychologically. I’m 30, I’m a man, and you have hardships in life and prepare for them.”

Good for you Green. I’m glad to hear that you are persevering. Also, like thanks so much for failing to catch that one and then having an awesome save later on, because I need as many points as I can get in the bracket. Serbia really failed me this morning and now I am no longer in the lead of my pool.

Germany better bring it.

Especially that really tall scary No. 17, Per Mertesacker, also known as die Abwehrlatte (the Defense Pole) by the German tabloids.

I kid you not. Just look at Wikipedia, the source of all that is 100 percent true, right?

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