Going Over the Top: Firebird at the Ice Dance Finals

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“Here’s the top, now let’s go over it!” This is the commentary  that welcomed Jana Khokhlova & Sergei Novitskionto of Russia (not the “aboriginal” couple) onto the ice.

© Kristina Koroleva / http://www.khokhlova-novitski.com

Their free skate program is– you guessed it– choreographed to that Russian classic: Stravinsky’s Firebird. When I first saw Khokhlova’s headdress I was hoping for a super hero vs. super villain theme but then I saw her tail and it all became clear: she’s a firebird. It’s a pretty off-the-wall costume but it does get the point across; it embraces the theatricality of ice dance and let’s just say that it has grown on me since last night: appliqués on the tights, a tail, an almost drag-like aesthetic… good times.

At the time however… they stepped onto the ice and I shouted “Firebird!” in a fit. Molly dissolved into giggles before the first bar of music had even gone down,  punctuating her mirth throughout the program with gasped comments such as: “My face hurts!” and “That tail whipping around, it’s too much!” It was funny.

And onto the actual medal contenders.

Americans Meryl Davis & Charlie White had clean skate to Phantom of the Opera (show tune for the night shared with selections from Man of La Mancha used by another pair), showing the “perfect blend of athleticism and artistry.” Afterwards White said they were “trying to put the pressure on everyone else.” It worked almost perfectly, Davis and White took home the silver.

Meanwhile Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir executed the most graceful program of the night, winning another home gold for Canada.


They could not possibly have been more adorable in their excitement. Nice to see Olympians who can barely contain their sheer unadulterated glee, bellowing out “Oh Canada,” grinning and jumping up and down on their home ice.

But seriously, how about that firebird situation?!


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