Awesome Olympic Names: Spotlight on Ranomi Kromowidjojo

In the spirit of terribly subjective and spotty Olympic commentary, I bring you today’s weirdly but awesomely named Olympian: Ranomi Kromowidjojo is a Dutch swimmer (of Javanese Surinamese descent) and I enjoy her for several reasons beyond her name.

Kromowidjojo took gold in the women’s 100m freestyle yesterday, in addition to swimming for silver on the Dutch team in the 4x100m freestyle relay. She also had the fastest qualifying time for the 50m freestyle, so stay tuned for that action.

Note that she is sporting a quintessentially Netherlandish manicure in bright House of Orange… orange—I love this about her.  Nothing goes together like Dutch people and orange. 

Sometimes I wish I was Dutch just so that I could wear obnoxious orange all the time… with purpose.

Oh, by the way, the media is referring to Kromowidjojo as “The Flying Dutchwoman.” So there’s that magic.




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4 responses to “Awesome Olympic Names: Spotlight on Ranomi Kromowidjojo

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog about Ranomi and the Dutch during the World Cup in South-Africa 2010. I tweeted you RanOmi KrOmOwidjOjO’s picure with the 5 olympic rings. If ever you want more information about our beautiful ‘Orange’ country, feel free to ask. Good luck and be sure to watch Ranomi and Marleen (Veldhuis) win to more medals for our small country.

  2. Live coverage from the Heineken Holland Houde during The 50 m freestyle with Ranomi winning GOLD and Marleen Veldhuis BRONZE for the Dutch.

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