Savoy Cocktail of the Week: Bull-dog (Hey)

Last week we undertook the Breakfast cocktail, our first selection to involve egg white for frothy goodness, mixed with gin and grenadine for a serious base with a bubbly, festive color.

Taking the name literally, the Breakfast cocktail is a nice alternative to standard brunch beverages such as the Mimosa, Bellini, Greyhound or Bloody Mary—to a name a few. First of all, you do not see a lot of gin in the morning, secondly a drink with egg whites basically counts as a breakfast course in itself.

We liked the drink, which has a serious kick to it despite a girlie color and overall appearance. The egg whites made it smooth and vaguely reminiscent of a smoothie or milkshake. The helping of pomegranate grenadine provided some sweet balance to the stalwartness of gin.

One issue: it appears that I need a finer strainer on my cocktail shaker, because despite prolonged and vigorous shaking, there was still some mucusy egg white residue at the bottom of my glass—not pleasant in the least! So watch out.

This week we will encounter a cocktail perhaps lower in alcoholic content than those of past weeks, the Bull-dog Cocktail (page 38). This recipe has been chosen for two reasons:

John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney/

1. It sounds like fizzy fun. I love ginger ale.

2. In honor of the late George Harrison’s recent birthday anniversary (February 25, 1943), the cosmos led me to fall upon a beverage that shares its name with one of my favorite Beatles songs of the later years: Hey Bulldog! True, Harrison did not write “Hey Bulldog” (John Lennon did), but the likelihood of coming upon a cocktail entitled “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” seems rather unlikely.

In respect to “Hey Bulldog,” according to Geoff Emerick (the Beatles’ engineer), “Harrison’s solo was sparkling, too—one of the few times that he nailed it right away. His amp was turned up really loud, and he used one of his new fuzz boxes, which made his guitar absolutely scream” (Here, There, Everywhere).

I do apologize for declaring this cocktail of the week, one week too late for a Beatles birthday.

The Bull-dog Cocktail

Place 2 or 3 lumps of Ice into a large tumbler, add the juice of 1 Orange, 1 glass of Gin. Fill balance with Ginger Ale.

Stir, and serve with a straw.

Watch, listen, learn and love. Too bad you have to do it on YouTube.

Also, please note at 2:51 the expression on Harrison’s face, as though he is thinking that everyone has gone mad—which, with all the barking, is entirely possible.

And now for the animated.

Review of the Bull-dog cocktail is found here.


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