England-USA: Howard, Green & the Three-Minute Men

To be fair, I did not come up with that title; it was a viewing buddy’s brain child, but it needed to be used.

Ok, so England scored a mere three minutes into the game yesterday—pretty crazy.


And then Tim Howard just brought it. Seriously. The U.S. has the best goalie. And not only do we have an amazing goalie, but he sports an amazing neon orange kit.

These things are important too. Never forget that.

Maybe if Green had an awesome neon ensemble verses being Green in Green, he wouldn’t have had that fumble.


On the other he apparently made an awesome save in the second half. I had lost my concentration by then, I admit.

We watched the match at Louis 649, perched at the bar between their two 50-odd inch flat screens (rented especially for the World Cup), almost evenly split between England and the USA.

[Sidenote: Wearing a Saint George’s cross flag like a cape on Avenue B might result in having a thumbs-down shoved in your face as you walk. Seriously, your big anti-England move is to silently thumbs-down? I mean sure, you invaded personal space with your bit of sign language, but really. Really.]

We had two for England, two for USA and then me doing the tightrope.

My bracket choice called for a draw in the game so, you know, I won, in case you wondered. I decided to express my neither-nor status by cheering for the USA and drinking many Pimm’s No. 1 Cups.

I thought it was a good line to tread.

Also, I feel bad for Green. Things happen. And it’s not like they lost. They didn’t win (to clarify again, I won), but they didn’t lose either.

“It is regrettable and not what you want to happen but that’s life and you move on. You hold your head up high and get to work in training. It won’t affect me psychologically. I’m 30, I’m a man, and you have hardships in life and prepare for them.”

Good for you Green. I’m glad to hear that you are persevering. Also, like thanks so much for failing to catch that one and then having an awesome save later on, because I need as many points as I can get in the bracket. Serbia really failed me this morning and now I am no longer in the lead of my pool.

Germany better bring it.

Especially that really tall scary No. 17, Per Mertesacker, also known as die Abwehrlatte (the Defense Pole) by the German tabloids.

I kid you not. Just look at Wikipedia, the source of all that is 100 percent true, right?


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