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Daniel Radcliffe’s Saturday Night (Never-You-Mind About Lana Del Rey)


I actually made myself watch at least half of each of Lana Del Rey’s performances when I finally DVRed it up with Saturday Night Live this morning. Really, I did. And that is last I have to say about it, other than noting that this Thought Catalog self-defense is pretty special, and calling your attention to the awkward spin she did halfway through “Video Games.”


Aside from the lacklustre musicality, Daniel Radcliffe’s SNL outing was pretty solid. There was only one Harry Potter sketch (“No one wants to see Dumbledore working at Harry Pottery Barn”), a lot of reddish wig wearing, and a lot of back-and-forth in the accent department. The Potter movies benefited from a healthy dose of humor, throughout the entire series, culminating in surprising moments of levity in the face of death in Deathly Hallows, Part 2; thus, I had been waiting to see how one of the lead three would fare hosting SNL, betting on Radcliffe given that he just finished How to Succeed…, has been living in New York, and has a new film coming out (sidebar: how few people noticed that Emma Watson is in My Week with Marilyn?).

Remember when Seth Meyers was in sketches? / NBC.com

The opening monologue wasn’t entirely inspired or hysterical, but it wasn’t awkward either—and quite often, really, that’s a win on SNL. Radcliffe jibed at adult fans of Potterdom, explain that although “I know [the books] were long, but that’s because the letters were big—you know for children.” He also reflected that of all the actors who have played him in past sketches (Rachel Dratch, Bill Hader, Will Forte, Hugh Jackman), that “I think we can all agree Jackman came the closest.”

Although they DO both sing and dance... / NBC.com

Someone has a high opinion of himself.

Just saying.

So after a hilarious No-Really-I’m-Not-A-Robot-I’m-Just-Like-You Mitt Romney cold open by Jason Sudeikis, and monologue, the night carried on with the return of Target Lady and an epic-mullet-wearing Radcliffe as the stock boy who loves her. In this sketch, we were all afforded a moment to confront and accept just how incredibly porcelain Daniel Radcliffe is, when he ripped his shirt open to display the muscles he is beefing up for Target Lady. In case you missed it in Deathly Hallows, Part 2 and/or Equus… he is a pale man with very dark hair.

Blam! / NBC.com

Also, there was the first of the Sarah McLachlan jokes for the evening when Wiig’s character is told to keep the change—which is not allowed to do—she cries, “I know! I’m gonna give this to Sarah McLachlan and her wet dogs!”

Meanwhile, critics of Participation Trophies and the self-indulgence of blogs everywhere are sure to have enjoyed the “You Can Do Anything” show, celebrating the most affirmed generation in history:

  • “Because I have no shame or self-awareness.”
  • “I’m what you would call ‘Twitter famous’.” “Meaning?” “Not famous.”
  • “I went to a school with no grades! I tried, and therefore no one should criticize me.”

Shortly afterwards, a promo for the Jersey-Boys-alike musical, Delaware Fellas (representing the state that was named after another state’s governor), ended with a ringing endorsement from Joe Biden (seriously though, where has he been lately? #irl) who gives the show “three and a half trains: Woot! Woot! Woot! Wo—!”

And then there was the return to Hogwarts, where young wizards will spend the best years of their lives, “Honestly, the best. It does not get better,” as a washed-up Harry Potter informs them.

In regards to recent life events in the post-Voldemort world: “And just yesterday—this is equally exciting—I bought a Volvo.” That’s a big deal. And very safe.

Radcliffe also stopped by the Weekend Update desk (my favorite place, clearly), as Casey Anthony’s newly adopted Yorkshire terrier, asking: “I mean, where was Sarah McLachlan on that one?” when Anthony applied to adopt a canine companion. HE also spoke out against the perceived monopoly cats have on certain types of humor: “Dogs can be sarcastic too. It’s not just for cats.”

My dog is always sarcastic. Especially when I throw something for her to fetch and she makes me go get it instead.

Seth Meyers also informed us that “A pub in England ahs started selling a special beer designed for dogs. I’m sorry, let me read that again: A pub in England has started selling Miller Lite.” Meanwhile, I have started drinking PBR as a method of staving off hangovers, since it is the equivalent of downing a nice cold tallboy of water.

I also really enjoyed the New Hampshire Primary Exit Poll sketch, and for some reason died when one of Wiig’s questions to Radcliffe went like this:

“Can you sleep on planes?”
“Yes!” with great enthusiasm.
“I can’t!” And I hate you a little.

For the record, I can doze on planes.

And the last, most magical thing that happened, went down when Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers were off on stage left at the end of bows, totally jamming it out.

So while I am glad that I made the choice to see some live sketch comedy on Saturday at Chicago Sketch Fest (which incidentally involved a parody of the way Saturday Night Live wraps up the show every week), and today I am pretty pleased that I have a DVR and that it is forever programmed to record SNL—just in case.



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Savoy Cocktail of the Week: The Loud Speaker & the Non-Savoy Bellatrix

I am particularly drawn to try cocktails with descriptive postscripts in The Savoy Cocktail Book, like the Leap Year, the Homestead, the Green Room, and this week’s Loud Speaker Cocktail.

1/8 Lemon Juice
1/8 Cointreau
3/8 Dry Gin
3/8 Brandy

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

“This it is that gives to Radio Announcers their peculiar enunciation. Three of them will produce oscillation, and after five it is possible to reach the osculation stage.”

I just love a little Wodehousian commentary in a cocktail book.

The Loud Speaker is another fun drink in the Savoy canon, less manly, sombre or serious than libations such as the Journalist or the Ideal. The Loud Speaker is very citrus-y, but not in a sour or bitter way. The measure of Cointreau balances out the sour lemon juice very nicely.

As a special bonus for Halloween, I decided Monday night candy dispensing required an appropriately themed beverage. After failing to find a suitable candidate in the the Savoy tome, I thought of making a Harry Potter themed potion. Initially, I hoped to make the Episkey as detailed in my post on Harry Potter cocktails. Sadly I did not have all the ingredients on hand; therefore, I chose the chocolatey Bellatrix Cocktail from Little Pink Blog, which—incidentally—was cited in the same article at The Spir.it as my post on Harry Potter cocktails (which is how I came upon this decadent recipe):

The Bellatrix

1/4 Vodka
1/4 Bailey’s Irish Cream
1/4 Amaretto
1/4 Cream
Chocolate syrup for rimming
Cinnamon/crushed almonds for garnish

Chill martini glass in freezer. Shake liquid ingredients over ice. Rim chilled glass with chocolate syrup. Strain ingredients into glass. Top with almond crumbles or cinnamon.

I am—generally—against libations such as “choco-tinis” and the like. I take issue with things that are not true martinis being referred to as martinis. I also tend to have an aversion to vodka. This all said, the Bellatrix (which happily refrains from referring to itself as a “tini”) was delicious—provided the taster is in the mood for dessert in a glass. Monday evening, handing out scores of Kit-Kat bars, we were definitely in that mood.

The “nutty” Bellatrix is a rich, velvety drink, made special by the addition of cinnamon as a garnish. In my second batch, I definitely went for a heavy-handed sprinkle of spice—delightful! Every once in a while, a ridiculous cocktail is an order. Halloween proved to be one of those whiles.


For next week:

The Magnolia Blossom Cocktail

1/4 Lemon Juice
1/4 Cream
1/2 Gin
1 Dash Grenadine

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

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A Little Vocabulary to Tide You Over

I am almost ready to offer cocktail thoughts again. So close.

In the meantime, I suggest you incorporate a few obscure (abstruse, recondite) words to your working vocabulary. Because learning is fun.

Benighted: in a state of pitiful or contemptible intellectual or moral ignorance, typically owing to a lack of opportunity.

Obstreperous: noisy; defiant; unruly.

Pillory: to attack or ridicule publicly.

Threnody: elegy; a song for the dead; a lament.

Perfidious: deceitful and untrustworthy. Stems from Latin roots meaning a “to ill effect faith,” or as I prefer to remember it through a tie to French, “loss of faith”.

Periphrastic: using a long phrase where a shorter one would do; indirect and circumlocutory.

And on a frequent theme of Words to Bumble…

Perspicacious: having a ready insight into and understanding of things; shrewd, keen. Or as I like to define it: Dumbledore, which apparently has something to do with bumblebees, bumbling, buzzing and droning about in Old Modern English. There are so many sorts of English, aren’t there? Old, Middle, Old Modern, etc. Very complicated.

Supercilious: behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others. Or as I like to define it: Draco Malfoy, whose surname of course, means something along the lines of “bad faith” in French.

Dolorous: causing, marked by, or expressing misery or grief. In French translations of the Harry Potter series, doloris is the incantation for the cruciatus curse. Also, Dolores Umbridge (“umbrage” meaning darkness/shadow, hint, suspicion or a fit of pique over some fancied slight or insult).

Laconic: Terse. Or as I like to define it: Severus Snape.

Definitions are taken from the Merriam Webster app for Android, the Oxford American Dictionary dashboard widget for Mac, and general inspiration from the cosmos. References to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter characters may seem wholly fatuous, but could actually be good device for committing definitions to memory.


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Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 London Premiere: Helena Bonham Carter Wore a Fascinator

Well that’s it folks. The London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 went down yesterday. Apparently it was rainy. Quelle surprise. 

Daily Mail

There’s plenty of videos to be had, tearful goodbyes to be heard, et cetera, et cetera. Headlines involving “Emma Watson” and “tearful” abound.

Honestly, not terribly interesting. Touching,maybe. Sweet, maybe. Cute, maybe. Bittersweet, sure. Not terribly interesting, no. out


You know what was dependably interesting and fabulous? Words to Bumble favorite Helena Bonham Carter busted out a fascinator (you know how I feel about fascinators) and her trademark shades because she is fabulous, clearly.

Love it.

On the red carpet she commented on her character’s popularity despite being insanely evil and also just insane: “It’s funny but it’s slightly worrying, how many of you guys actually love [Bellatrix], because she is barking.”

Terrifyingly barking.


Incidentally, in my research for photos from the event I came across two Bonham Carter sites interested obsessives might care to visit:

Mrs. Lovett
Fuck Yeah Helena Bonham Carter

And then some random all-encompassing premiere pictures and gif ness at In the Grey Light of the Abyss (who know livejournal was still around?).

I dedicate all this to Beatrice.

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Pardon My Absence: Squirrels, Cocktails, Harry Potter, etc.

There’s just so much more to do outside in the summer, vs. sitting in front of the ol’ macbook pondering life.

People ask me how I am so tan. Obviously, it is because I love being outside in the summer! I spend a lot of time in the garden. Some day soon I will have a bumper crop of zucchini… if I have to stand out there all day and chase the squirrels away myself. It will happen. I will GRE prep amongst the squirrels, if that is what it takes. All I need is a stopwatch and a bucket of rocks.

Of course, GRE prep is somewhat secondary to my mad dash to finish a re-read (partially in French) of the Harry Potter series in preparation for next, next weekend. I’m on Le Prince de Sang-Mêlé at the moment. Professeur Rogue, Neville Londubat, la maison de Poufsouffle à Poulard, Nick Quasi-Sans-Tête, Voldemort Tom Jedusor… I love a good Frenchification in translation.

At any rate, I apologize for my routine shattering absence and will try to be more diligent—particularly on my cocktail project, which has sadly fallen a bit behind. I plan to make the Homestead tonight and get a post up about it and the Hawaiian pronto, plus a bonus review of the Honolulu No. 2 (spoiler alert: it was pretty delicious).

As part of my apology, I present you with the first Harry Potter screen test involving the three principals, just in case you have not seen it and would benefit from some cuteness on this post-long-weekend Tuesday.


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And This Is What Pottermore Is

As promised, an announcement has been made on the Pottermore website. It’s kind of vague and revolves around some sort of enhanced online reading experience.

I just don’t know.

Also those interested must now sit around for over a month if they are selected for early admission, general usage will be open in October.

Hmm, ponderous.

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Will All Our Questions Be Answered Tomorrow? Pottermore.

In case you are not appropriately up-to-date on Harry Potter business, you should know that J.K. Rowling has had this new website: Pottermore for while, which recently became a jazzy purple and be-owled tease promising, “coming soon.” Last week it came to light that an announcement would appear this week, and supposedly the day it tomorrow. As of the moment, Gawker has info claiming that it’s some sort of massive online-but-also-real-life game with magic wands hidden in the actual world. The Guardian has a slightly more in-depth article about the whole thing.

All very ponder-worthy.


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