Charlie Sheen’s Wine of Choice

Assuming that Charlie Sheen would deign to drink something as low-key as red wine… I think I discovered the obvious front-runner: Gnarly Head.

As highlighted on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment on Winners vs. Losers, the volume of cocaine purportedly clogging Sheen’s airways has left him lost in the 1980s. This is evidenced by his usage of 80s slang (winner) such as “gnarly” and “bitchin’.”

“What do you mean there’s new slang? How did I not hear it?”

“You haven’t stopped talking for 25 years.”

And a parting shot of snark from favorite Seth Meyers…

“The biggest loser? Winning. Doesn’t seem to mean the same thing anymore.”

I now vow never again to ponder the dung heap that is Charlie Sheen’s life. My only excuse is that we had this bottle of wine at dinner last night and it was cosmic.


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