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London 2012 Olympic Posters

Posters by British artists Fiona Banner, Michael Craig-Martin, Martin Creed, Tracy Emin, Anthea Hamilton, Howard Hodgkin, Gary Hume, Sarah Morris, Chris Ofili, Bridget Riley, Bob and Roberta Smith, and Rachel Whiteread were unveiled earlier this month at the Tate Britain in London. Six posters are designed for the Olympic Summer Games and six for the Paralympic Games.

Martin Creed / artdaily.org

I think this one by Hodgkin is my favorite.

For the remaining nine posters and further information on each work, go to Dezeen Magazine.


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Hugh Jackman’s Son Just Wants to See the Frick Collection


And who doesn’t, really?

During his recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, Hugh Jackman reflected on the intellectual pursuits of his children who are apparently the least trouble in the world and utterly delightful. To illustrate his point, he revealed his 11-year-old son’s highlight of being New York: going to an art museum. Not just any art museum, but the Frick Collection of all places, where children under the age of 10 are not permitted entrance, because that would inhibit the serious art enthusiasts.

I love the Frick Collection. I have a card granting me access to their reference library. It is a wondrous place.

I do not know a single child (other than maybe my past self) who would have been bummed about the age restriction. How adorable is Hugh Jackman’s son?

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Picasso Head

I discovered PicassoHead.com whilst wasting valuable paper writing time in college. Today I revisited the magic.

I call it Zebras. Because.

You should probably go make your own.

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Stuff You Should Be Seeing: Cinemagraphs, Antique Prints & Psychedelic Collages

These things might be old news to you, but they recently surfaced new and cool to me.

Let us begin with the cinemagraph gifs featured on Jamie Beck’s “From Me to You” Tumblr. In April, a post on My Modern Met featured Beck’s work. Shortly thereafter, a more in-depth article further illuminated the work she does with partner Kevin Burg to combine film and photography into awesomeness.

Now, five months later, I am arriving at the party.

Anyway, I find the mini-movies mesmerizing. One of my favorites is the never-ending train pulling into (or out of) the Rockefeller Center subway station. I wish I could tell if it is my old nemesis the F train.


Next up, another great art/design blog: BilbiOdyssey. I came across the site when a Lost At E Minor post about the blog featured an antique print of squid. Squid freak me out; therefore, I am inexplicably drawn to them as design. I have a similar love/hate relationship with jellyfish (which, by the way, as a group may be referred to as a smack of jellyfish).

Basically, BibliOdyssey presents scans of vintage and antique book illustrations ranging from scientific illustrations and diagrams of cephalopods to nineteenth-century Japanese woodblock prints (the current headliners) to eighteenth-century fashion satire etchings. Entries include historical background on the works in question and a plethora of high quality, large-scale images. It’s a great resource for those interested in design, history, printing, or just looking for some extraordinary images for inspiration, stimulation and entertainment. Scroll through the blog chronologically or start by clicking on a topic tag at the bottom of the main page and see where you end up. It is addictive.

Wang Pou (Oho) visits a grave during a storm


And lastly, something you can buy on Etsy: Fantastical collages by Living Feral. I always like to think that if I wanted to make really cool collages, I totally could—but I never do, and most likely they would never be as bizarrely captivating as these occasionally Dali-esque dreamscapes by Tracy Jager. I might need to clear up some wall space…

They Only Had A Moment

She Called It Freedom

You could buy this one for me, if you really wanted to. I wouldn’t mind in the least.

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Sidewalk Art in Paris: Colorful Yarn + Potholes = Le Projet Nid de Poule

I just discovered that yarn bombing—also know as guerrilla knitting or knit graffiti—is a thing.

Juliana Santacruz Herrera’s 2009 Parisian Projet Nid de Poule (Pothole Project) is deceptively discreet yet surprising example of this woolly street art. She crocheted bright multicolored chains of yarn to fill cracks and potholes throughout Paris, creating an arresting contrast between the gray cityscape and the whimsical deteriorated pavement solution.

I was in Paris over the summer of 2009, and how sad am I to have missed witnessing her September yarn bombing campaign!

Herrera even put together a video of the process for this almost monumental intervention.

Love this.

There is not a lot to be found on Herrera or any new projects unfortunately, but hopefully she’ll be up to something else creative soon.

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Van Google

In case you have not seen this today, I particularly enjoyed it… so… you’re welcome.

This post is dedicated to all the art history dorks out there.

You know who you are.


P.S. I originally thought it was a Van Gogh day, but apparently it’s Paul Cézanne. Oh well, I only minored in Art History, you know. Sorry.

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