Words to Bumble is about everything, nothing and all that lies in-between, with a healthy does of Olympic sports. Served with just a smattering of snark.

And then of course, my latest tagline which I believe is under extreme copyright: “I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer.” If I had been on Conan’s last week of NBC, I would have asked him to buy it for me.


Critics say…

“Love the blog.” K.E.W.

“…Just caught up on the blog. Did I mention its amazingness?” K.M.W.

“The Olympics has really given her a voice here lately. Better than NBC commentary, that is for sure.” T.N.W.

“It is very funny-clever- when that girl gets a job she will be good!” M.R.W.

“You should just jump full on into this new career: sports blogging. And I’m only half joking.” B.C.M.

To clarify, those happen to be different “W” last names. It appears I’ve found my niche alphabetical demographic.


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  • “A very good blog post recapping the last event of Speedskating -LT team pursuit- at the Olympics! Thank you Johanna Pacyga for your fine account of this exciting event.”

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One response to “About

  1. T.N.W

    I recently happened upon this link on NBCOlympics.com. I felt you would appreciate it. This is some really juicy (not saucy or savvy, sadly) stuff and I am sure your review would not disappoint. If one does not already have a fear of cameras (a.k.a kodakaphobia), one will after seeing these oh-so perfectly timed shots. Might I suggest the title “B.A.”?