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Golden Globes, Part 2: Additional Honorable Mentions & Fashion

After a little SOPA/PIPA self-interruption… I shall reward the masses with additional minor thoughts on the Golden Globes. A little Thursday delight.

Three More Special Moments

  • In Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue he read out restraints placed on him by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. One was in regards to profanity to which Gervais responded, “That’s fine. I’ve got a huge vocabulary. No nudity: See that’s a shame because I’ve got a huge [pause]…vocabulary—but a tiny penis.”
  • Claire Danes, upon winning Best Actress in a Television Series—Drama for her role in Homeland, reminded us that she won her first Golden Globe (of three) when she was fifteen-years-old in the same category. The series was My So-Called Life, and she burst into tears as soon as she left the stage, horrified that she had forgotten to thank her parents. I bet they bring it up at every major family gathering—wouldn’t yours? But really, it just made me giggle to remember how much everyone in my age group loves My So-Called Life, and how it is perpetually in my Netflix queue as some sort monument in memorandum to my youth.
  • Matt Leblanc won Best Actor in a Television Series—Comedy/Musical for Episodes. Period. That was a highlight to my life, as someone who can recite the entire ten-year run of Friends. A fairly run-of-the-mill acceptance speech becomes adorable when halfway through Leblanc cuts himself off and exclaims: “Wow, I’m so nervous!” And doesn’t he look ever so dapper with grey hair?

Let’s go ahead and end with a slide show of noteworthy gowns—mostly good, but two that just befuddle me. Disclaimer: I missed most of the red carpet action… again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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I Always Forget the Emmys

I do. Almost every year. This time around, I went out to see Contagion and eat sushi. Sure, a weaker-willed group of people might have opted out of restaurant dining after viewing the mega virus debacle. Luckily, my friends like to eat. And the place we go to (Fin on Wilson and Hermitage in Chicago) is divine (don’t be scared, try the Honey Walnut roll or the Crunchy Plantain).

I digress.

Regarding the Emmys, I am mostly bummed about missing red carpet action. Although when I remembered that Jane Lynch hosted, I did nearly shed a single tear for my loss.

The up-shoot of all this is that my typical comments are basically non-existent. I looked at a few slide shows, and I will limit my comments to four.

What, what, what are you doing Gwyneth Paltrow?


I love Kate Winslet the most, almost all the time (although I did recently watch Heavenly Creatures in a mad dash before Netflix self destructs… and that is one creepy, creepy movie).


Will Arnett’s facial expression. Amy Poehler’s Mystique-esque gown.


Aubrey Plaza always looks as though she is about to punch someone—and I love that about her.


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Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 London Premiere: Helena Bonham Carter Wore a Fascinator

Well that’s it folks. The London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 went down yesterday. Apparently it was rainy. Quelle surprise. 

Daily Mail

There’s plenty of videos to be had, tearful goodbyes to be heard, et cetera, et cetera. Headlines involving “Emma Watson” and “tearful” abound.

Honestly, not terribly interesting. Touching,maybe. Sweet, maybe. Cute, maybe. Bittersweet, sure. Not terribly interesting, no. out


You know what was dependably interesting and fabulous? Words to Bumble favorite Helena Bonham Carter busted out a fascinator (you know how I feel about fascinators) and her trademark shades because she is fabulous, clearly.

Love it.

On the red carpet she commented on her character’s popularity despite being insanely evil and also just insane: “It’s funny but it’s slightly worrying, how many of you guys actually love [Bellatrix], because she is barking.”

Terrifyingly barking.


Incidentally, in my research for photos from the event I came across two Bonham Carter sites interested obsessives might care to visit:

Mrs. Lovett
Fuck Yeah Helena Bonham Carter

And then some random all-encompassing premiere pictures and gif ness at In the Grey Light of the Abyss (who know livejournal was still around?).

I dedicate all this to Beatrice.

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Savoy Cocktail of the Week: The Fascinator

Who does not love a fascinator? They are ridiculous, frivolous and amazing all at the same time. They have a silly yet oh-so-apt name.

Lady Amelia, Lady Eliza and Lady Kitty / celebritystyle.about.com

You can wear them at weddings (Did you not see the royal wedding?), horse races (Are they part of the formal Royal Enclosure dress code at Ascot? Yes.) and even at the occasional ironic hipster cocktail gathering. I have a small peacock feather one I like to settled into a mass of retro curls. I do not as of yet own one appropriate for day wear, which is really too bad because the Preakness is happening this weekend and I prefer formal attire for major racing events.

Again, I present you with a cocktail selected from The Savoy Cocktail Book solely on the merit of its name. Such is life.

Again, it is basically a dressed up (and rather springy) martini, garnished with fragrant mint sprigs (which definitely need to muddled, possibly even pummeled) and dashed with a bit of absinthe, providing springy color and herbiness to the mix.

I recommend imbibing the Fascinator with an ice-cube or two to keep it crisp. I also recommend a fresh mint sprig for garnish in addition to some battered mint mixed into the drink itself (like a julep—yet another horse race connection for the Fascinator). Next time, I might make it a bit drier than the recipe calls for (2 gin: 1 vermouth). I am not raving about the cocktail, but I would serve it again for the right occasion to people who like martinis. Of course be warned: it’s potent.


Your homework?

Fluffy Ruffles Cocktail

1/2 Bacardi Rum
1/2 Italian Vermouth
The Peel of 1 Lime or Piece of Lemon

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

And because I could not resist, here is another over-the-top fascinator sported by poor Princess Beatrice of royal wedding fascinator shame. This butterfly concoction was worn at the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden to Daniel Westling.


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You Thought I Forgot About Helena, Didn’t You?

As you may have noticed, I have been tracking Helena Bonham-Carter’s red carpet looks over the past few months. From Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows, Part 1 to the SAG Awards, she has brought her own personal fashion crazy to the carpet.

Thus, she gets her own slide show in the final round-up of award season posts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What have we learned?

Helena likes beaded clutches shaped like fans and lips. Especially fans.

She wears legit Harry Potter glasses. She wears a lot of black. She likes full skirts and corset tops (possibly stemming from her early period film days). She is a little fashion crazy.

You would have to be a little kooky to be with Tim Burton, right?


Love it.

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Oscars 2011: Fashion Breakdown Deserves Its Own Post

Mila Kunis/ fashionus.com

Diving right in with commendable Oscar fashions.

Love, love, loved Mila Kunis in her sheer, lacy lavender affair by Elie Saab, winner of Slate Magazine’s “Maybe-my-boobs-are-tattooed” award. The Guardian thought Halle Berry wore it better a few weeks ago in a vibrant raspberry-fuschia shade, but I disagree. I think the softness of the lavender fits perfectly with the delicate design, and the light color makes the striking décolletage even more daring—yet classy. Kunis really rocked the red carpet repping Black Swan throughout awards season (see her gown at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards.)

Amy Adams/ Daily Mail

Mila Kunis wins the Words to Bumble All-Around favorite gown award. I want it. We have similar coloring. I want it.

In the classic category, Amy Adams owned a full-sparkle midnight blue number, and even worked serious bling into the mix despite the bejeweledness—pretty impressive feat.

Fox News called her look “Not Hot,” but you know, it’s Fox News. Most best dressed lists were on board with the high neck, cap-sleeved, classic Hollywood silhouette L’Wren Scott specimen.

Most adorable red carpet obviously goes to the surprising Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit, in a tulle-skirted (you know my weakness for puffy tulle), appliquéd 1950s-cut dress by Marchesa.

Hailee Steinfeld/ brandsonly.nl

Pulling off an unembarrassing  Oscars look at age 14: kudos to the kid. Dressing appropriately might be just as hard as earning a nomination.

Sandra Bullock pulled off fire-engine-red Vera Wang in a gown somewhat reminiscent of Nicole Kidman as Satine in Moulin Rouge.

Not only was it a fabulous dress, but Bullock was a fabulous presenter in it, something rare in the show. Mila Kunis for instance, despite a great outfit, had a pretty painful presenting experience alongside Justin Timberlake. Why was it so awkward? Why?

Sandra Bullock/ Daily Mail

At any rate, Sandra Bullock put in a strong audition to be next year’s host (maybe partnered with Tom Hanks or Robert Downey, Jr., or someone else who will try not to look bored/be stoned…). Calling Jeff Bridges “Dude,” will never get old.

Speaking of Nicole Kidman, some could not get behind the odd geometric silhouette around her hips.  I liked her Galliano Dior gown (politics of gross behavior aside—another reason for which some critics hated on the dress).

I also enjoyed how Kidman paired it with coral-red peep-toe shoes. In a sea of women wearing pale, white, off-white, cream, egg-shell, taupe, et cetera looks, the bright shoes were a pleasant surprise to contrast with the gown.

Nicole Kidman/ The Guardian

Honorable mentions go to Scarlet Johansson (all the same she should have considered brushing her hair at some point) in raspberry lace by Dolce and Gabbana, and Helen Mirren in gun-metal satin by Vivienne Westwood.

On the line between good and bad: Jennifer Hudson’s tangerine Versace was fun, but it did strange things to her cleavage. Weird things happened when she spoke. I cannot approve.

Cate Blanchett found herself at the three-way intersection of oddly pleasing, bad and interesting in a geometric coral encrusted Givenchy number.

I am just not sure what to do/say/think about it. So I simply note it.

From what I saw (having neglected red carpet coverage) there was nothing too terribly horrifying—at least not worn by anyone all that interesting…

Melissa Leo/ FoxNews

…Except the Marc Bouwer doily that supporting actress winner Melissa Leo showed up in. Awkward dress, kind of awkward acceptance speech (again)… I mean really: if you are nominated (despite awkward Variety ads), you should make more of an effort to be sure of a commendable red carpet and acceptance speech-giving look.

Just true.

This is not ageism speaking. Unless perhaps referring to the age of the doilies that were assembled to construct Leo’s dress.

Maybe without the sleeves and high collar? Hard to say.

Actually, I was sartorially disappointed by both winning actresses.

Natalie Portman/ Marie Claire UK

Natalie Portman looked nice in Rodarte, but not impressive, and certainly not as lovely as she did at the Globes and SAG Awards. I was a little bored by her flowy plum gown. I’m sure it is difficult to put a growing baby-bump-friendly red carpet look together, but I just loved her modern fertility goddess SAG look so much—I was expecting more on Oscar night.

Even her earrings—though perfectly matched—bored me.

So to back pedal: Portman comes at the end of this breakdown not because of a fashion fail, but because of a fashion underwhelming compared to previous awards outings over the past few weeks. I do really like plum though, I’ll give her that.

Plus: did Portman and Kunis coordinate to wear different shades of purple? Black Swan sisterhood? Ponderous.


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“It Shouldn’t Be Called the SAG Award, It Should Be Called the Uplifting Award!”

Anthony Andrews, Rush, Carter, Firth/ cbsnews.com

Oh Geoffrey Rush, that was so cheesy (although true story, ‘SAG Awards’ does not have a great ring to it).

As spokesman for The King’s Speech cast, Rush opened his acceptance remarks with this pun-y observation. He went on to emphasize the category of the win: outstanding ensemble cast in a motion picture, extending the credit far beyond himself, Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter (who—look at that—was dressed quite conservatively for her track record). Very graciously, top to bottom, everyone from Freya Wilson who played young Queen Elizabeth to everyone’s favorite warlock, Michael Gambon were mentioned and credited.


Also, just so you are not disappointed by Carter’s normalcy in that group photo, have a gander at her red carpet pose.

What else?

When Firth went up to accept his “Actor” for leading role in The King’s Speech, it was brought to our attention that he was part of the winning ensemble cast of Shakespeare in Love. I had no idea Firth was even in that movie.

Modern Family’s best TV ensemble in a comedy series saved us from having to see Lea Michelle well up in what are surely fake tears again—so that was good. Plus Nolan Gould spent his journey up to the stage high-fiving people at tables along the way.

Nolan Gould/ imdb.com

Amy Poehler presented a description of her ideal sandwich, and then revealed that it could just as well describe the nominees for best actor in a comedy series. Then Alec Baldwin managed to stir up some surprise on his face as he got up for the fifth year in a row to accept his “Actor”for 30 Rock.

Next, Jon Hamm expressed his disappointment at having not been nominated for best female actor in a comedy series, before bitterly presenting the award to a flabbergasted Betty White for Hot in Cleveland, which I have never seen but maybe I should.

Betty White, Jon Hamm/ cbsnews.com

After about three years of instrumental vamping, White managed to get up to the stage where she joked about how long it took to “get the old broad up here” and that nobody had applauded her when she turned 40, after reflected on what a joy it was to still be in the biz and winning awards at 89 years old.

She also flirted with her naked statuette.


Natalie Portman/ blogs.timeslive.co.za

Later in the night Natalie Portman got to accept—for the second time in mere weeks—another trophy from Jeff Bridges for her performance in Black Swan. Not to be outdone by her awkward Golden Globes speech, this time Portman went for getting bleeped in a special thank you to her parents: ““I’d like to thank my parents, who taught me to work my hardest and never be an asshole.”


Maybe she is trying to get it all out of her system in public before the baby is born.

In his best actor acceptance, Colin Firth thanked security for letting him into the place, based on the fact that for years as a young British actor he would flash around his beloved Screen Actors Guild card in the vain hope that it would get him perks and ladies.

Claire Danes/ cbsnews.com

The award for only person to get cut off at the 2011 SAGs goes to Claire Danes who picked up another laurel for her work in Temple Grandin, blustering towards the end about her “favorite husband… euh… favorite actor… my husband…” Oh Claire.

Dicky Eklund, Christian Bale/ cbsnews.com

The award for most hilarious/ terrifying candid shot of the night goes to Christian Bale and Dicky Eklund (the guy Bale portrayed in The Fighter) onstage as Bale is accepting his “Actor” for best supporting.

Also, while I appreciate that Bale looks less like Jesus than he did at the Golden Globes, I am still a little disturbed by the facial hair situation.

Julianna Margolis, Carter/ cbsnews.com

Best photo for a false caption stars Julianna Margolis and Helena Bonham Carter, in which I imagine Carter is telling Margolis, “No, you just really have to go for it. Let it be free.” She is clearly talking about the shellac with which Margolis has restrained her hair and recommending the benefits of a more windswept look.

To tie things up, I was not swept away by anyone’s dress really, but I did like Mila Kunis’ red and pink floralness and Tina Fey’s sassy red situation. Let’s all pick it up a notch at the Oscars, OK?

Mila Kunis/ fashion.telegraph.co.uk

Tina Fey/ fashion.telegraph.co.uk


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