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The Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Spot That Only Aired In North Platte, NE

Fording the Platte, sketch from the Oregon Trail Museum: http://www.cr.nps.gov/history/online_books/hh/28/hh28i.htm

So apparently sometimes Will Ferrell does random commercials for Old Milwaukee that only air in local markets, and this one went down in North Platte, Nebraska (the Platte River  might be familiar to some from the Oregon Trail computer game).

You can read more about the ad here and here via Deadspin.


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Super Bowl XLVI: The Commercials

First of all, I loved the musical NBC Super Bowl promo involving basically all of NBC singing and dancing to “Brotherhood of Man” from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. It kind of made my day. Also, having been told by a reader of Bossy Pants that Tina Fey is a fan of musicals; and being myself a lover of musical theater, and also of that one episode of 30 Rock in which Jack Donaghy must work his way back up the corporate ladder from the mail room How to Succeed-style—well, it just brought me that much more joy (as, I hope, as dissecting that run-on sentence brought you).

The epic two-parter Volkswagen spot featuring the overweight dog getting into shape so that he can chase VW’s latest updated Beetle that segued into the Stars Wars cantina where patrons declare that the dog is way funnier than the Vader kid, so Darth Vader chokes one of them.

Which may or may not have reminded you of that Adidas Star Wars commercial from the 2010 World Cup. Things I was not particularly into included David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, it did not seem fitting. Not as fitting as the Adidas masterpiece of yesteryear.

I was also entertained by the usually-reserved-for-Christmas Coca-Cola polar bears watching the Super Bowl series of spots.

I enjoyed the Drew Brees Chase commercial, largely because I enjoyed when his small child picked pieces of confetti out of the air after the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Now obviously, you are supposed to kind of hate the Ferris Bueller Honda spoof… but it’s hard to not kind of love it also.

I hated the John Stamos Oikos commercial, but I loved that it made me think about when Uncle Jesse tells the story of how he changed his name as a child, but you know that his original name had something to do with having really hot feet.

I was disappointed by every single beer commercial, and this one just made me so sad for the poor dog.

Sometimes I wonder when the Betty White exploitation train is going to end.

I do enjoy the entire world’s agreement that Jay Leno is a life ruiner.

And then my mother completely shocked us all by recognizing Brian Urlacher in the Samsung Galaxy Note musical “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” spot, which also happened to be hilarious.

Waiting in epic lines for a new iPhone is such a waste of life.

And then there was the second—albeit stretched—30 Rock-related commercial. You may recall the Alec Baldwin airplane incident in which the actor caused mayhem by refusing to turn off his cell phone prior to takeoff. Shortly afterwards, Tina Fey appeared on a late night talk show and joked that she and Alec had been in the middle of an intense game of Words With Friends, and that it was all her fault. This is your context for why I finally giggled towards the end of the Best Buy commercial featuring various inventors of crucial elements in our digital world… like the creators of Words With Friends being told to turn their phones off on a plane.

It’s not a huge winner, but I enjoyed the Words With Friends bit.

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Happy Halloween at the Forman House: Raisins Are Nature’s Candy

Guess what nature’s hand grenades are?

Happy Halloween. The magical moment in this clip from That 70s Show is at 3:50. It lasts 30 seconds, but I just love it.

Also, whilst I was searching for a video of the moment I discovered this…


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United States of FIFA [12] Commercial with… Seth Meyers

This aired after the ‘Weekend Update’ segment of last weekend’s Saturday Night Live premiere.

I had to  stop fast-forwarding, rewind and watch again.

Also Steve Nash and apparently Hope Solo. But I am far more entertained by Seth Meyers. Obviously.


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Super Bowl Stuff, XLV

This pretty much sums up my initial and lasting feelings about Super Bowl XLV. Tweeted early in the game, shortly after I had the exact same thought, Alison Brie just said it so well.

I was briefly distracted from the yellow during halftime when it appeared that the apocalypse might in fact be at hand. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking that I succumbed to during Fergie’s whatever with Slash. No words.

Although, if you are looking for some words, these were a couple of choice ones from the twittersphere, which almost broke due to the mayhem of #sb45.

Frankly, the commercials on display weren’t even all that entertaining. Dozens were in fact painful. So painful that is has taken me days (and the incidental re-viewing of one of the winners) to write this post.

Nonetheless, I stopped my DVR whilst watching House to re-watch this rare gem from the ever reliable Stella Artois. Borowitz concurs on its charm.

Then there was the Volkswagen commercial encouraging young [dark] practitioners of The Force, gaining Voldemort’s appreciation.

Chrysler on the other hand, added to the proof that commercial endorsements are a big part of Eminem’s comeback. Also, that he doesn’t mind sharing a tiny bit of his limelight with a national champion figure skater, Alissa Czisny, who appeared briefly in the ad.

Not that I’d have realized it was her if not for Twitter.

Honorable mentions to the Coke spot featuring soldiers in nineteenth-century garb, patrolling opposite sides of a border and—surprise—bonding over the deliciousness of Coke.

Second honorable mention to the entertaining NFL fans montage of classic sitcoms, including Alf, Marcia’s nose, Newman’s Cowboy get-up and Uncle Jesse.

But the commercial most appreciated in my living room, the commercial that was snarky hilarious…

Thank you Verizon.

I still love my Droid.

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Looking for a Job? It’s the Job of the Day!

So I was perusing the internet for my dream job this morning and once again Craigslist brought me joy.

For instance, the Chicago Police Department—yes, the real police—post on Craigslist. I mean, you would think that most people considering becoming cops could figure that out without skimming Craigslist, something clearly meant to aid people with useless M.A.s like myself.

On the other hand… I had never considered that if I became a police officer I could work in the canine handling unit… wait a minute… hrmmmmm…

Up next?

Do you want to be in a Super Bowl Doritos commercial?

All you have to do is be super sexy, have lots of acting and modelling experience and be willing to wear a Doritos bikini.

I imagine this does actually mean a bikini made of Doritos, although apparently there is an actual swimsuit of a Doritos bag in existence.

So you know, if you’re looking for your big break… I just gave it to you on a silver platter.

Happy Monday. You are welcome.


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Mix Me a Smooth One, Pour Me a Cold One: Libations in Advertising


[tweetmeme style=”compact” source=”JohannaAP25″]
It’s been a while since I lent my expert voice to commercials. Today the theme is alcohol, in honor of the weekend. The ads ranging from the past several months are officially the Words to Bumble top five for their distinctive category… until we revisit the subject that is.

5. In fifth place we have the regally douchey Chivas “Live with Chivalry” campaign featuring young chosen Brits being… young chosen Brits. I love hating it so much that it made the top rather than the worst ofs. I just like when people can hold the door open, personally…

It’s the extended version, featuring rowers. Hah-ha!

4. [UPDATE] Number four is up for grabs. Let me know what you think. Interact! You can do it. Fourth place goes to an Absolut spot for a few reasons: the usage of “Ceremony” by New Order, the fantastic design and marketing history behind Absolut, and sense of fresh that I get when I see the spot. This is the extended version from YouTube. The creation of words disseminating their message– a little weird; the overall aesthetic– enjoyable and clean, you can almost forget that it is for not great Scandinavian vodka. And I love the sound editing.

3. Stella Artois reran a commercial during the Olympics [I think], that centered around failed competitors in a cycling race [possibly the Tour de France in theory?]. They combined the minimalist Stella style (centered around cutting through some thick frothy foam and the associated sounds of Stella on tap) with vintagey footage and a vaguely sporty narrative. All the dialogue is in French, but easy enough for a non-speaker to follow and ends with “Perfection has its price.” Plus, it is pretty entertaining there at the Bar du Sport.

2. For the first runner-up: Who could forget the hilarious Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign? My sister and father would wait for it, impersonate it, text it. We are a strange bunch my family. Not a lot need to be said, Dos Equis presented the world with a Latin Chuck Norris, and the world readily embraced a new hero.

1. And the prize goes to one of my favorite ads about anything every: Jameson Whiskey and facing down a giant Octopus. I love a good octopus… far away from me. It’s brilliant for several reasons” short but complete, clever and entertaining narrative, the late-eighteenth-century vibe speaks to my historic design inclinations, and the story is unique to the brand– you’re drinking something established, something a man dove into the sea and faced a sea monster to save, ostensibly for you. I believe it, don’t you?

I love an octopus. Also, they have been trending, which you would know if you were one of the four people who read a blog post on that old failed blog, in which I presented a very professional report on my findings at the BUST Magazine Holiday Craftacular.


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