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Awesome Olympics Names: Spotlight on Pénélope Leprevost

It just rolls off the tongue: Pénélope Leprevost.

Leprevost is an rider on the French Equestrian team (une cavalière), competing aboard MyLord Carthago, a French stallion (selle français).

So they both have spectacular Olympic names.

Leprevost has been riding since she was three years old, and competing since she was six. Also impressive. She joined the French National team in 2000, becoming the national champion in 2006 and 2007.

Of MyLord Carthago, commentator Melanie Smith Taylor says, “This stallion just tries so hard.

And he looks so happy when he’s jumping, like with the joy of a puppy playing—but you know, with skill and focus.

Sadly, Leprovost and MyLord Carthago did not have a great Summer Games, but they still win for awesome names.

If you want to be as sartorially snazzy as Pénélope, you can check out her line of riding apparel. After all, she is French. Sadly, there will be no deliveries until Olympics fever has somewhat subsided (August 18).

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London 2012 Google Doodle Interactive: Canoe Slalom

Looks like kayak to me, but Google says it’s Canoe slalom, so… there you go. Slalom away. 

Either way, I’m a fan.

Love a doodle.

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Awesome Olympic Names: Spotlight on Epke Zonderland

For the third installation of awesome London 2012 athletes and their names, Epke Zonderland joins fellow Team Holland athlete Ranomi Kromowidjojo on the list.

Zonderland’s awesome appellation should be familiar to avid Olympic followers—yesterday he took home the gold for men’s high bar competition with epic panache. Plus, he’s kind of adorable, seems entirely affable,  and he’s studying to be a doctor.

Zonderland came to the London 2012 games as an individual gymnastics competitor for the Netherlands, after his country did not qualify to send an entire men’s team for gymnastic competition. He is a high bar and parallel bars specialist who had not been training for the full line-up of apparatuses in men’s gymnastics; however, in order to participate in these Summer Games, Zonderland had to get himself ready in all necessary skills for competition in the individual all-around field.

[That video got taken down, but you can see another version here.]

He is now the first Dutch gymnast to medal at the Olympics—and it’s gold.

So that’s intense. And awesome.

Oh, and let’s all feel free to refer to Epke Zonderland as “The Flying Dutchman.”


So there you have it, Epke is the Flying Dutchman, and Ranomi is the Flying Dutchwoman.


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Social Media Olympic Things

Let’s start with this utterly adorably, endearing ukulele cover of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” by Aussie diver Matthew Mitcham. I die.

Then, an early to appear Tumblr for the London 2012 Games: Abs. Just abs. Of Olympic caliber.

McKalya Maroney’s scowl has also made its claim to fame in “McKayla is NOT Impressed”.

Fair enough.

Also from gymnastics, we have Danell Leyva’s towel’s Twitter. 

It is a lovely towel, and apparently it does not smell all ranky. He washes it.

So you know, it’s all happening.

All the time.

Happy Olympics.

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London 2012 Google Doodle Interactive: Hurdles

Today’s track and field themed Google Doodle lets searchers play at jumping hurdles: Use the arrows to move the runner’s feet and the space bar to jump. Have fun.

Love a doodle.


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Remote Control Cars in Track and Field: The Mini, Mini Cooper

There I am, watching NBC’s Saturday late night coverage (I need my Mary fix) of the women’s discus final, when the commentators call my attention to a mini Mini Cooper cruising around the field.

I’m sorry, what?

Yes, in true British fashion, mini remote control Mini Coopers are being used to ferry items (discus, javelin, shot-put, and hammers) back to athletes. Each car can carry up to about 18 pounds of cargo, at about 1/4 the size of an actual Mini.

Objects are loaded via… the sunroof, clearly.

Also, according to NBC commentary (which is never wrong) there is a petition to get Mary Carillo on Twitter, and I’m pretty sure everyone should get on that action.


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Awesome Olympic Names: Spotlight on Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

It’s not everyday you have a double-hyphenation in a name, and while it is true that Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce deserves non-ridiculous, achievement-based coverage, Words to Bumble is still going ahead and commending her on an awesome Olympic name and for being so charming and bubbly in her overall demeanor.

Also loving her for her utterly calm, confident and chill pre-race bearing. Even before the 100m dash final, there is she, strutting to her place, body language declaring, “Whatever, I’m going to win. You guys are all silly.”

And she did, in 10.75, just .03 ahead of American Carmelita Jeter, with fellow Jamaican Veronica Campell-Brown clocking in at 10.81.

In case you live under a rock, Fraser-Pryce was defending her 2008 title from Beijing (run in 10.78), when the 100m dash medals were swept by Jamaican women. Hers was the first 100m gold medal won by a Jamaican woman at the Olympics.

Other awesome things about Fraser-Pryce: her 2008 win in Beijing allowed her the opportunity to continue her education and become the first member of her family to earn a degree. Also, her mother once threatened a man with a cutlass after a young Fraser-Pryce told her mother that he had been harassing her and saying that it was about time she start having sex—which is pretty badass of her mom.

Fraser-Pryce is still up to run in the 200m and the 4x100m relay over the course of next week.

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