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Golden Globes Round-up 2012: Who Loved Ricky Gervais’s Maroon Tux…

List style. Blam! Go.

Top Moments in [Roughly] Chronological Order (because why should I have to further organize my notes?)

  • abc.com

    Jodie Foster gamely thumbs-upped Ricky Gervais’s Beaver commentary at the opening monologue (and also her children look exactly like her).

  • Ricky Gervais to Johnny Depp, after introducing him, says he has one question for Johnny… Are you ready? “Have you seen The Tourist yet?” “Ahh, no… Oh boy, he’s fun,” as Ricky walks off stage.
  • Christopher Plummer. Period. I still get excited about Christopher Plummer on merit of my intense love for The Sound of Music, but I swear, I am going to see The Beginners. I promise.
  • Kelsey Grammer could not possibly have been more blasé about his win for Boss: “Ah, well, this is very nice.” Yes, Kelsey, generally, one would say it is rather nice. Some people even choke up a bit (I mean, true, let’s not be over-indulgent), but… yes, it is very nice for you. Also, yes, announcer, we all remember Frasier. For the record we also remember and miss Seinfeld and Friends, back when NBC was “Must See” and not just the sad third-rated network… or whatever it is these days. Maybe it no longer even has a ranking (I cry bitter tear for you, NBC).
  • nymag.com

    Tina Fey’s photo bomb on Amy Poehler’s nominee shot. #golden

  • Ludovic Bource’s acceptance speech for Best Score (The Artist) opened with the hilarious apology: “I’m sorry I’m French,” and continued on to the admittance that if his acceptance was a piece of music/dance, “It would be a tap dance.” There should always be more tap dancing in life. Always.
  • Ricky Gervais introduced George Clooney as the “Cloonmeister General.” Clooney accepted the accolade with grace.
  • Felicity Huffman and William H.Macy sang their bit of presenter banter, and it was actually pretty magical. 
  • EOnline.com/Jason Merrit/ Getty Images

    The answer to your query as to whether or not Nicole Kidman could actually breathe even once whilst teetering in her gown is: No, no she could not breath. I assume she cut herself out of the columnar gown ASAP and put on a nice sensible muumuu post-haste.

  • Helen Mirren brought some humor to the Sidney Poitier presentation Morgan Freeman’s shiny new Cecil B. DeMille award. I just wanted Freeman and Poitier to hug it out.
  • I love a man in tails. When Robert Downey Jr. came out to present in a full white tie and tailed tux (which he flipped out as he settled in front of the microphone), someone in the audience simply could not hold it together and shouted, “Yeah!” Agreed.


  • The only time  at which Leonardo DiCaprio abandoned his expression of utter confusion (aside from the look of exquisite non-amused-ness when he did not win in his category… again), was the smile that broke when Martin Scorsese won Best Director for Hugo. 
  • I wish the sound has not cut out when Ricky Gervais introduced Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek.
  • The second apology for being French came from Jean Dujardin of The Artist as he accepted the Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical: “I’m French too… It’s not my fault my eyebrows are independent.” And then he mimed his joy—which was kind of magical. Make sure you catch his dancing as the camera pans away from the stage. 
  • Colin Firth’s well-done swing back at Ricky as a form of Hollywood penance. 
  • Here’s a scenario: Meryl Streep wins yet another Golden Globe, managed to act surprised, bustles her way up to the stage, realizes that she’s forgotten her glasses and will have to actually remember her prepared comments rather than read them. In a team effort moment, her reading glasses get passed up from her table to the front of the stage, where George Clooney hand them to David Fincher, who absolutely cannot get his shit together and hand Meryl Streep her flipping reading glasses. Fincher proceeds  to sit there as she attempts to remember the other nominees’ names (someone shouts out “Rooney”), whilst George Clooney thinks to himself, “Why on GOD’S SWEET EARTH, did I not just walk the extra three steps and hand Meryl the glasses myself, Fincher is such a tool.” Meanwhile the rest of us wonder if Meryl Streep is leaving the Golden Globes up one trophy but down one pair of reading glasses. Fincher stole them.
  • huffingtonpost.com

    And in adorable moments of the night, we have the famous dog from The Artist who not only attended the Golden Globes (they really need to fill seats), but got to scamper up on stage as part of the accepting party when The Artist won Best Comedy/Musical. Thoughts after the win: “I am the famous Artist dog, Uggie, where is my treat? I’m adorable, but that doesn’t mean I am any less famished than any other dog at any given time.”


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Moonrise Kingdom

In case you missed this yesterday, or are just so excited that you want to watch it again… the trailer for Wes Anderson’s latest film endeavor is out and I am fantastically excited.

What kind of bird are you?

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Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 London Premiere: Helena Bonham Carter Wore a Fascinator

Well that’s it folks. The London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 went down yesterday. Apparently it was rainy. Quelle surprise. 

Daily Mail

There’s plenty of videos to be had, tearful goodbyes to be heard, et cetera, et cetera. Headlines involving “Emma Watson” and “tearful” abound.

Honestly, not terribly interesting. Touching,maybe. Sweet, maybe. Cute, maybe. Bittersweet, sure. Not terribly interesting, no. out


You know what was dependably interesting and fabulous? Words to Bumble favorite Helena Bonham Carter busted out a fascinator (you know how I feel about fascinators) and her trademark shades because she is fabulous, clearly.

Love it.

On the red carpet she commented on her character’s popularity despite being insanely evil and also just insane: “It’s funny but it’s slightly worrying, how many of you guys actually love [Bellatrix], because she is barking.”

Terrifyingly barking.


Incidentally, in my research for photos from the event I came across two Bonham Carter sites interested obsessives might care to visit:

Mrs. Lovett
Fuck Yeah Helena Bonham Carter

And then some random all-encompassing premiere pictures and gif ness at In the Grey Light of the Abyss (who know livejournal was still around?).

I dedicate all this to Beatrice.

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Pardon My Absence: Squirrels, Cocktails, Harry Potter, etc.

There’s just so much more to do outside in the summer, vs. sitting in front of the ol’ macbook pondering life.

People ask me how I am so tan. Obviously, it is because I love being outside in the summer! I spend a lot of time in the garden. Some day soon I will have a bumper crop of zucchini… if I have to stand out there all day and chase the squirrels away myself. It will happen. I will GRE prep amongst the squirrels, if that is what it takes. All I need is a stopwatch and a bucket of rocks.

Of course, GRE prep is somewhat secondary to my mad dash to finish a re-read (partially in French) of the Harry Potter series in preparation for next, next weekend. I’m on Le Prince de Sang-Mêlé at the moment. Professeur Rogue, Neville Londubat, la maison de Poufsouffle à Poulard, Nick Quasi-Sans-Tête, Voldemort Tom Jedusor… I love a good Frenchification in translation.

At any rate, I apologize for my routine shattering absence and will try to be more diligent—particularly on my cocktail project, which has sadly fallen a bit behind. I plan to make the Homestead tonight and get a post up about it and the Hawaiian pronto, plus a bonus review of the Honolulu No. 2 (spoiler alert: it was pretty delicious).

As part of my apology, I present you with the first Harry Potter screen test involving the three principals, just in case you have not seen it and would benefit from some cuteness on this post-long-weekend Tuesday.


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Harry Potter: Through the Pensieve

In case you did not celebrate one month to go until the final installment of Harry Potter filmdom by catching this YouTube retrospective by Gen I… well, you know, take a gander.

I must admit that I am somewhat startled to find myself writing a post for June 16th. This means I have just the finest hair under a month to complete my rereading of the Potter series. I just finished book four in French… must get a move on it.

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The Best Surprise in Bridesmaids: Chris O’Dowd / You Should Be Watching ‘The IT Crowd’


Last week, there I am making a double feature afternoon out of The Hangover: Part II followed by Bridesmaids. Kristen Wiig’s character is weaving all over the road out of anger, police sirens and lights abound and she is pulled over.

All of a sudden I am whacking my sister on the arm hissing, “OH MY GOD, the cop is that guy from that show! You know that British show I made you watch on Netflix…The IT Crowd!”

That would be code for Chris O’Dowd, Wiig’s Irish-yet-Wisconsonian-police-officer love interest in the movie.

To her credit my sister remembered this somewhat obscure reference, placated me with an “Oh yeah,” and the movie watching went on.

Turns out that O’Dowd has been in a handful of movies such as Pirate Radio, Gulliver’s Travels, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and Dinner for Shmucks—for example. I loved Pirate Radio but I don’t recall the mental processes clicking regarding his appearance in it. I might have to Netflix it to refresh my memory.

But what is the point, you might ask.

The point is that once upon a time I was flying back to the states from a touch of archaeology in España (which is how I prefer to refer to Spain for entirely obscure and inexplicable reasons).  On this cross-Atlantic ordeal one of the entertainment choices was an episode from some rando British sitcom entitled The IT Crowd. I like sitcoms, I like British people, and in the 25 minutes before food service I took a leap of faith.

The IT Crowd is a bit as though Big Bang Theory and The Office had a baby. There is so much hilarious geeky awkwardness, social and workplace incompetence and bizarre mayhem. It’s amazing. I die.

Quick plot background: Jen knows nothing about IT but claims to know “a lot about computers” on her CV. She gets hired by a big company to manage their IT department which consists of two guys (Roy and Moss) who hide out in the basement. Madness ensues. Catch phrases include: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Good advice.

The point is: you should probably be watching this show. If you have Netflix, all four past series are available for instant streaming. There is apparently a fifth (and last) to be aired this summer by Channel 4—not that that information helps you if you’re not in the UK.

But Netflix. Net. Flix.

And when you go on Netflix, give it two or three episodes to get going. Trust me.

I will now share with you clips from my favorite episode entitled “Friendface,” clearly mocking Facebook and other such social networking sites. I couldn’t find a full episode of it on YouTube, but… have a taste.

Brings me back to the days of instant messages my college roommates whilst sitting three feet away from each other in our triple.

Sorry about the disabled embedding. Deal with it. Open another tab. It will be OK.

Oh,  and O’Dowd was adorably funny in Bridesmaids too. Misleading post title.

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Sleeping Beauty Dress Debate: An Easter Celebration

To close off the slew of Easter-related posts spawned by the holiday weekend, I bring you my Easter Weekend Movement for Blue, sequel to last week’s Sleeping Beauty dress color debate.

I enjoy crafts and very bright colors. I was a big fan of Rainbow Brite (by “was,” I clearly mean “am”). It is no surprise that I enjoy coloring eggs for Easter. I event hosted egg coloring in college. Once I did so in an apartment with no furniture. We sat on the floor, and a Jewish friend painted his first Easter egg… as a globe. He was very artistic. I have never attempted such detail.

What have I attempted? This year I chose to use egg coloring as a tribute to my favorite Disney film of all time: Sleeping Beauty. Regardez my egg interpretation of the frenzied dress color battle between fairies Flora and Merriweather.

That is probably my favorite scene in the entire movie.

Sidebar: How is Fauna not compelled to join in the mayhem and shout “green,” for good measure? I know I would have.

Sidebar No. 2: what on earth does Fauna think she is doing with that cake? And again, why is the cake blue and pink? Has she no loyalty to the color green? Come on.

Luckily, I have come across and Tumblr dedicated to the wonderfulness of Sleeping Beauty, which happens to feature a post portraying Disney ladies wearing green, so now we have some idea what the dress may have looked like if Fauna hadn’t been so confused by what “Tsp.” means. Plus, F Yeah Princess Aurora/ Once Upon a Dream, is just chock full of entertaining Sleeping Beauty things, I’m telling you.

Anyways, I leave you with my delightful blue egg, and the speckled, thus inferior, pink representative.


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