Magenta for the Win: Gabby Douglas


First of all, hold the phone, the definitive photographic moment of the games has already been called by the experts at Deadspin (although today that was followed up by a yet another declaration of photographic awesomeness on Gawker). Imagine what will happen in the next week. I love declaring bests before all the results are in.

Personally, I’m a fan of this clearly authentic photo moment, tweeted by Danell Leyva’s Towel. I hope that his towel continues to tweet. I also hope that people all over the world are scouring Bed, Bath & Beyond type stores looking for that exact towel.

If you want to get serious about analyzing Douglas’s balance beam prowess, the New York Times has obligingly provided this graphic guide (this is just one tiny bit of it).

If a rant about Olympic gymnastic coverage on NBC is more your speed (and let’s face it, the commentary hasn’t even been entertaining, much less actually good), here’s a pretty ranty rant from Deadspin: Fake, Jingoistic, And Stupid: Gymnastics Coverage is the Worst Part of NBC’s Olympics.

Also, in case you didn’t know, Douglas’s mother’s family is from “Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana” (points to whoever gets that reference), and figured prominently on the local Chicago news last night.

And, in the spirit of contrariness, I am just going to come out and say that I prefer Aly Raisman’s floor routine style to Douglas’s. Sorry.

Plus, check out those back muscles!

One more bit of infos, if you are interested in becoming an expert not only in gymnastics but on the topic of leotards: everything is explained here.

This is only an iota of the knowledge to be gained:

What do you wear underneath a leotard?

Some people wear briefs, some people don’t. Some people wear a body liner.

What’s a body liner?
A body liner is kind of like an undergarment, like a leotard. I would say briefs are a lot more popular than a leotard unless you’re wearing white, in which case some people like a body liner for a little bit of coverage.”

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