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Golden Globes Round-up 2012: Who Loved Ricky Gervais’s Maroon Tux…

List style. Blam! Go.

Top Moments in [Roughly] Chronological Order (because why should I have to further organize my notes?)

  • abc.com

    Jodie Foster gamely thumbs-upped Ricky Gervais’s Beaver commentary at the opening monologue (and also her children look exactly like her).

  • Ricky Gervais to Johnny Depp, after introducing him, says he has one question for Johnny… Are you ready? “Have you seen The Tourist yet?” “Ahh, no… Oh boy, he’s fun,” as Ricky walks off stage.
  • Christopher Plummer. Period. I still get excited about Christopher Plummer on merit of my intense love for The Sound of Music, but I swear, I am going to see The Beginners. I promise.
  • Kelsey Grammer could not possibly have been more blasé about his win for Boss: “Ah, well, this is very nice.” Yes, Kelsey, generally, one would say it is rather nice. Some people even choke up a bit (I mean, true, let’s not be over-indulgent), but… yes, it is very nice for you. Also, yes, announcer, we all remember Frasier. For the record we also remember and miss Seinfeld and Friends, back when NBC was “Must See” and not just the sad third-rated network… or whatever it is these days. Maybe it no longer even has a ranking (I cry bitter tear for you, NBC).
  • nymag.com

    Tina Fey’s photo bomb on Amy Poehler’s nominee shot. #golden

  • Ludovic Bource’s acceptance speech for Best Score (The Artist) opened with the hilarious apology: “I’m sorry I’m French,” and continued on to the admittance that if his acceptance was a piece of music/dance, “It would be a tap dance.” There should always be more tap dancing in life. Always.
  • Ricky Gervais introduced George Clooney as the “Cloonmeister General.” Clooney accepted the accolade with grace.
  • Felicity Huffman and William H.Macy sang their bit of presenter banter, and it was actually pretty magical. 
  • EOnline.com/Jason Merrit/ Getty Images

    The answer to your query as to whether or not Nicole Kidman could actually breathe even once whilst teetering in her gown is: No, no she could not breath. I assume she cut herself out of the columnar gown ASAP and put on a nice sensible muumuu post-haste.

  • Helen Mirren brought some humor to the Sidney Poitier presentation Morgan Freeman’s shiny new Cecil B. DeMille award. I just wanted Freeman and Poitier to hug it out.
  • I love a man in tails. When Robert Downey Jr. came out to present in a full white tie and tailed tux (which he flipped out as he settled in front of the microphone), someone in the audience simply could not hold it together and shouted, “Yeah!” Agreed.


  • The only time  at which Leonardo DiCaprio abandoned his expression of utter confusion (aside from the look of exquisite non-amused-ness when he did not win in his category… again), was the smile that broke when Martin Scorsese won Best Director for Hugo. 
  • I wish the sound has not cut out when Ricky Gervais introduced Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek.
  • The second apology for being French came from Jean Dujardin of The Artist as he accepted the Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical: “I’m French too… It’s not my fault my eyebrows are independent.” And then he mimed his joy—which was kind of magical. Make sure you catch his dancing as the camera pans away from the stage. 
  • Colin Firth’s well-done swing back at Ricky as a form of Hollywood penance. 
  • Here’s a scenario: Meryl Streep wins yet another Golden Globe, managed to act surprised, bustles her way up to the stage, realizes that she’s forgotten her glasses and will have to actually remember her prepared comments rather than read them. In a team effort moment, her reading glasses get passed up from her table to the front of the stage, where George Clooney hand them to David Fincher, who absolutely cannot get his shit together and hand Meryl Streep her flipping reading glasses. Fincher proceeds  to sit there as she attempts to remember the other nominees’ names (someone shouts out “Rooney”), whilst George Clooney thinks to himself, “Why on GOD’S SWEET EARTH, did I not just walk the extra three steps and hand Meryl the glasses myself, Fincher is such a tool.” Meanwhile the rest of us wonder if Meryl Streep is leaving the Golden Globes up one trophy but down one pair of reading glasses. Fincher stole them.
  • huffingtonpost.com

    And in adorable moments of the night, we have the famous dog from The Artist who not only attended the Golden Globes (they really need to fill seats), but got to scamper up on stage as part of the accepting party when The Artist won Best Comedy/Musical. Thoughts after the win: “I am the famous Artist dog, Uggie, where is my treat? I’m adorable, but that doesn’t mean I am any less famished than any other dog at any given time.”

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Daniel Radcliffe is Hosting Saturday Night Live… Tonight

In regards to hosting SNL, honestly, it was only a matter of time (moments really) once Radcliffe completed his run as Finch in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Who’s excited? Who’s intrigued? Don’t lie to me.

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Happy Halloween at the Forman House: Raisins Are Nature’s Candy

Guess what nature’s hand grenades are?

Happy Halloween. The magical moment in this clip from That 70s Show is at 3:50. It lasts 30 seconds, but I just love it.

Also, whilst I was searching for a video of the moment I discovered this…


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TV Is Back: Whitney Cummings & Cupcakes

The return of fall prime time is right up there with apple picking, new tights, and the impending death of mosquitoes.

In addition to the joyful return of Parks & Recreation (“yay!”), the spree of planking of The Office, and the lamentable delay of 30 Rock, the slew of new shows is daunting as usual.

Whitney Cummings has two new shows airing on CBS and NBC. The self-titled Whitney was one of the overly promoted NBC offerings featured in that Rolling Stone special section. Looks like your average romcom sitcom. 2 Broke Girls speaks to those of us who have been poor in New York—tip of the hat to the pioneers of Greenpoint. You know who you are.

Pilots are rough. Two pilots created by one lady both featuring minor plot points around the surprisingly long-lived cupcake fad is a bit much.


Kat Dennings’ character on 2 Broke Girls bakes cupcakes for the diner at which the girls waitress, charging $1.50 each. Newly-broke-former-rich-girl Caroline suggests covertly marking the cupcakes up to $7 and pocketing the extra cash. Which she goes ahead and does.

For the record, there is a delightful Lower East Side Manhattan cupcake bakery, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, that charges only $1.75 per delicious cupcake (you can get them delivered by the half-dozen). Magnolia charges about $3.00 (if you want a fancier reference point). It would have to be the last cupcake on earth for someone to pay $7.00 for a diner cupcake. Possibly the last morsel of food on earth, period.


Later in the week, Whitney of Whitney attends a wedding where the cake is a tower of cupcakes. So trendy.

Predictably, Whitney grabs a few cupcakes before the cutting of the cake and totally ruins the moment. Whamps. She later dresses up as a naughty nurse before inadvertently causes her boyfriend to suffer a concussion. She accompanies him to the ER still in costume.

On the upside, I still remember my favorite line of the show, spoken by one of Whitney’s friends as she breezes into Whitney’s apartment: “You just left me a message I didn’t listen to. What’s up?”

Because that is pretty much how I roll. Please don’t leave me voicemail.

Anyways, aside from having an intense desire to eat a cupcake (my dream cupcake is that one from Bridesmaids, with the fondant flower on top: directions here), I’ve decided to stick around for a couple of more episodes.


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I Always Forget the Emmys

I do. Almost every year. This time around, I went out to see Contagion and eat sushi. Sure, a weaker-willed group of people might have opted out of restaurant dining after viewing the mega virus debacle. Luckily, my friends like to eat. And the place we go to (Fin on Wilson and Hermitage in Chicago) is divine (don’t be scared, try the Honey Walnut roll or the Crunchy Plantain).

I digress.

Regarding the Emmys, I am mostly bummed about missing red carpet action. Although when I remembered that Jane Lynch hosted, I did nearly shed a single tear for my loss.

The up-shoot of all this is that my typical comments are basically non-existent. I looked at a few slide shows, and I will limit my comments to four.

What, what, what are you doing Gwyneth Paltrow?


I love Kate Winslet the most, almost all the time (although I did recently watch Heavenly Creatures in a mad dash before Netflix self destructs… and that is one creepy, creepy movie).


Will Arnett’s facial expression. Amy Poehler’s Mystique-esque gown.


Aubrey Plaza always looks as though she is about to punch someone—and I love that about her.


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Rolling Stone, Surprise

A couple of days ago, I bought the George Harrison-covered Rolling Stone. You know how I just love the Beatles and how I feel as though that iTunes cut-out of George Harrison is looking into my soul. Much like this photograph, actually.

Then I got it home and surprise, surprise, Aziz Ansari is on a secret back cover!

I mean, sure, it is largely an ad insert for NBC (what is this new show Whitney anyways?), but you know how I just love NBC. And Aziz Ansari.

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Random: James McAvoy & Masterpiece Mystery Inspector Lynley

I grew up loving Thursday night PBS Mystery! programming. Diana Rigg would host, and on my favorite nights, Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot would save the day in his patent leather shoes.

Over time, my Netflix account has learned this secret of my past. They know that I love Poirot, Miss Marple and Jessica Fletcher. Based on this insight to my psyche, the kind computers at Netflix suggested I might enjoy another Masterpiece Mystery! offering from the BBC: The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

It was a Wednesday night, I felt like a mystery, I flipped on the good old streaming Netflix, I browsed through the recommendations, and I came upon “Payment in Blood,” promising that “An avant-garde play is being read at a Scottish country house, and during the evening, the playwright is brutally murdered. But this case is far from open and shut. Unhappily for Detective Inspector Lynley (Nathaniel Parker), his own beloved Lady Helen Clyde (Lesley Vickerage) is one of the chief suspects. Will the consummate professional allow his personal feelings to cloud his judgment?”


When I watch such shows I always wish for an appearance by an actor who is famous now, but was just starting out then. I love watching old television shows and seeing random guest stars.

It almost never happens. I always feel that someone should show up in a Mystery!

It finally happened. The first moments of “Payment in Blood” featured vaguely familiar face. My suspicions that the shockingly pale face belonged to James McAvoy were soon confirmed.

I find it randomly amusing.

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