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Awesome Olympic Names: Spotlight on Epke Zonderland

For the third installation of awesome London 2012 athletes and their names, Epke Zonderland joins fellow Team Holland athlete Ranomi Kromowidjojo on the list.

Zonderland’s awesome appellation should be familiar to avid Olympic followers—yesterday he took home the gold for men’s high bar competition with epic panache. Plus, he’s kind of adorable, seems entirely affable,  and he’s studying to be a doctor.

Zonderland came to the London 2012 games as an individual gymnastics competitor for the Netherlands, after his country did not qualify to send an entire men’s team for gymnastic competition. He is a high bar and parallel bars specialist who had not been training for the full line-up of apparatuses in men’s gymnastics; however, in order to participate in these Summer Games, Zonderland had to get himself ready in all necessary skills for competition in the individual all-around field.

[That video got taken down, but you can see another version here.]

He is now the first Dutch gymnast to medal at the Olympics—and it’s gold.

So that’s intense. And awesome.

Oh, and let’s all feel free to refer to Epke Zonderland as “The Flying Dutchman.”


So there you have it, Epke is the Flying Dutchman, and Ranomi is the Flying Dutchwoman.



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Awesome Olympic Names: Spotlight on Ranomi Kromowidjojo

In the spirit of terribly subjective and spotty Olympic commentary, I bring you today’s weirdly but awesomely named Olympian: Ranomi Kromowidjojo is a Dutch swimmer (of Javanese Surinamese descent) and I enjoy her for several reasons beyond her name.

Kromowidjojo took gold in the women’s 100m freestyle yesterday, in addition to swimming for silver on the Dutch team in the 4x100m freestyle relay. She also had the fastest qualifying time for the 50m freestyle, so stay tuned for that action.

Note that she is sporting a quintessentially Netherlandish manicure in bright House of Orange… orange—I love this about her.  Nothing goes together like Dutch people and orange. 

Sometimes I wish I was Dutch just so that I could wear obnoxious orange all the time… with purpose.

Oh, by the way, the media is referring to Kromowidjojo as “The Flying Dutchwoman.” So there’s that magic.



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Orange Crush: The Netherlands Are Moving Along

[tweetmeme source=”JohannaAP25″]

Dutch fans can always be counted on to be insane. Apparently there is a whole Dutch tent city of fans who have hunkered down camp-out style in Johannesburg.

You may recall Mary Carillo’s investigation into the Dutch speed skating fans. Too bad she’s not around to check out the Dutch camp in South Africa.


Luckily the folks over at the Daily Telegraph were kind enough to put together a gallery of amazing fans from the Netherlands. The sea of orange must have been disconcerting at best (and downright terrifying in conjunction with ceaseless vuvulezas)—the Danes were clearly so overcome that they upsettingly scored on their own goalie giving the Dutch the first point of the match.

Later on the Dutch team made the point their own and shut the Danes out 2-0.  Oh Denmark. Rough city.





He’s the one who said it.


As I type,  Slovakia is up one on the Kiwis and I would appreciate the New Zealanders staying behind for the sake of my bracket. Thanks.


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