Orange Crush: The Netherlands Are Moving Along

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Dutch fans can always be counted on to be insane. Apparently there is a whole Dutch tent city of fans who have hunkered down camp-out style in Johannesburg.

You may recall Mary Carillo’s investigation into the Dutch speed skating fans. Too bad she’s not around to check out the Dutch camp in South Africa.

Luckily the folks over at the Daily Telegraph were kind enough to put together a gallery of amazing fans from the Netherlands. The sea of orange must have been disconcerting at best (and downright terrifying in conjunction with ceaseless vuvulezas)—the Danes were clearly so overcome that they upsettingly scored on their own goalie giving the Dutch the first point of the match.

Later on the Dutch team made the point their own and shut the Danes out 2-0.  Oh Denmark. Rough city.

He’s the one who said it.


As I type,  Slovakia is up one on the Kiwis and I would appreciate the New Zealanders staying behind for the sake of my bracket. Thanks.



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2 responses to “Orange Crush: The Netherlands Are Moving Along

  1. Damn you Kiwis.

    Now I have to go to work all cranky.

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