Ice Capades, Chicago 1963: A Vintage Chicago Photo Blog

I recently came upon this gem of a photo on John Chuckman’s Chicago Nostalgia & Memorabilia Blog.

I always wanted to go the Ice Capades. This lovely lady was photographed on the 1963 tour at Chicago Stadium.

Sometimes I wish that Stars on Ice was the Ice Capades. Ice Capades just sounds so fun! The tour was founded in 1940, and after several years of rough times finally closed in 1995.

But she doesn’t know about that.

From some research I’ve done, this may be a photo of Catherine (Cathy) Machado, the first Hispanic athlete to compete for the U.S. Olympic team in 1956.

Or it may not.

But it might be.

She was on tour in 1963, and the face looks similar to some photos I found of Machado. The costume does not match up to video from 1963 Ice Capades available of YouTube… but we all know that figure skating requires a lot of costumes changes.

Care for some vintage footage? Sure.

Anyways, in addition to that boss vintage photo, Chuckman’s blog has lots of neat historical photographs of Chicago, definitely worth checking out.

Yeah, I said “boss.”


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