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Oscars 2011: Fashion Breakdown Deserves Its Own Post

Mila Kunis/ fashionus.com

Diving right in with commendable Oscar fashions.

Love, love, loved Mila Kunis in her sheer, lacy lavender affair by Elie Saab, winner of Slate Magazine’s “Maybe-my-boobs-are-tattooed” award. The Guardian thought Halle Berry wore it better a few weeks ago in a vibrant raspberry-fuschia shade, but I disagree. I think the softness of the lavender fits perfectly with the delicate design, and the light color makes the striking décolletage even more daring—yet classy. Kunis really rocked the red carpet repping Black Swan throughout awards season (see her gown at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards.)

Amy Adams/ Daily Mail

Mila Kunis wins the Words to Bumble All-Around favorite gown award. I want it. We have similar coloring. I want it.

In the classic category, Amy Adams owned a full-sparkle midnight blue number, and even worked serious bling into the mix despite the bejeweledness—pretty impressive feat.

Fox News called her look “Not Hot,” but you know, it’s Fox News. Most best dressed lists were on board with the high neck, cap-sleeved, classic Hollywood silhouette L’Wren Scott specimen.

Most adorable red carpet obviously goes to the surprising Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit, in a tulle-skirted (you know my weakness for puffy tulle), appliquéd 1950s-cut dress by Marchesa.

Hailee Steinfeld/ brandsonly.nl

Pulling off an unembarrassing  Oscars look at age 14: kudos to the kid. Dressing appropriately might be just as hard as earning a nomination.

Sandra Bullock pulled off fire-engine-red Vera Wang in a gown somewhat reminiscent of Nicole Kidman as Satine in Moulin Rouge.

Not only was it a fabulous dress, but Bullock was a fabulous presenter in it, something rare in the show. Mila Kunis for instance, despite a great outfit, had a pretty painful presenting experience alongside Justin Timberlake. Why was it so awkward? Why?

Sandra Bullock/ Daily Mail

At any rate, Sandra Bullock put in a strong audition to be next year’s host (maybe partnered with Tom Hanks or Robert Downey, Jr., or someone else who will try not to look bored/be stoned…). Calling Jeff Bridges “Dude,” will never get old.

Speaking of Nicole Kidman, some could not get behind the odd geometric silhouette around her hips.  I liked her Galliano Dior gown (politics of gross behavior aside—another reason for which some critics hated on the dress).

I also enjoyed how Kidman paired it with coral-red peep-toe shoes. In a sea of women wearing pale, white, off-white, cream, egg-shell, taupe, et cetera looks, the bright shoes were a pleasant surprise to contrast with the gown.

Nicole Kidman/ The Guardian

Honorable mentions go to Scarlet Johansson (all the same she should have considered brushing her hair at some point) in raspberry lace by Dolce and Gabbana, and Helen Mirren in gun-metal satin by Vivienne Westwood.

On the line between good and bad: Jennifer Hudson’s tangerine Versace was fun, but it did strange things to her cleavage. Weird things happened when she spoke. I cannot approve.

Cate Blanchett found herself at the three-way intersection of oddly pleasing, bad and interesting in a geometric coral encrusted Givenchy number.

I am just not sure what to do/say/think about it. So I simply note it.

From what I saw (having neglected red carpet coverage) there was nothing too terribly horrifying—at least not worn by anyone all that interesting…

Melissa Leo/ FoxNews

…Except the Marc Bouwer doily that supporting actress winner Melissa Leo showed up in. Awkward dress, kind of awkward acceptance speech (again)… I mean really: if you are nominated (despite awkward Variety ads), you should make more of an effort to be sure of a commendable red carpet and acceptance speech-giving look.

Just true.

This is not ageism speaking. Unless perhaps referring to the age of the doilies that were assembled to construct Leo’s dress.

Maybe without the sleeves and high collar? Hard to say.

Actually, I was sartorially disappointed by both winning actresses.

Natalie Portman/ Marie Claire UK

Natalie Portman looked nice in Rodarte, but not impressive, and certainly not as lovely as she did at the Globes and SAG Awards. I was a little bored by her flowy plum gown. I’m sure it is difficult to put a growing baby-bump-friendly red carpet look together, but I just loved her modern fertility goddess SAG look so much—I was expecting more on Oscar night.

Even her earrings—though perfectly matched—bored me.

So to back pedal: Portman comes at the end of this breakdown not because of a fashion fail, but because of a fashion underwhelming compared to previous awards outings over the past few weeks. I do really like plum though, I’ll give her that.

Plus: did Portman and Kunis coordinate to wear different shades of purple? Black Swan sisterhood? Ponderous.


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