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Au Revoir aux Bleus: France 1-2 South Africa

Bakari Sagna of France tackles Siphiwe Tshabalala of S. Africa (FIFA.com/Getty/Clive Rose)

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The cosmos and the Bafana Bafana delivered a victory for South Africa.

I didn’t get to watch the game. This is not because I have a job, but because I have an internship and even though they’re not paying, it is still sort of frowned upon if you show up and proceed to do nothing but watch sports and Google yourself.

I did listen for a while on ESPN radio online (dear lifesaver), but then I had a meeting.

Happily, South Africa did not let me down in my absence (although it was unfortunately not enough to advance them to the Round of 16).

Yes, yes, you may have read that I was supporting France a while ago, but catch yourself up folks: I had to jump ship because the French team went to hell in a hand basket. And no, I did not defect due to poor performance. I broke up with the team because of appalling behavior.

FIFA.com/Getty/Clive Mason

Anyways, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that had I been able to watch the game I probably would have cried. Happy for the win, sad for the elimination despite the last group round victory. Talk about rough city for the host nation.

But at least they got a win, right? And at least they didn’t lose to the shambles that was the French team after all that drama. That would have been terribly tragic. And really, there are things worse than a draw, a loss and a win.

Things like being Les Bleus, for example.

On the menu for tomorrow? Missing the USA-Algeria game whilst at my last day of interning (but that’s a sad story for another day).


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I know, I know, I have completely flatlined recently!

In related news, that’s because I actually have endeavors and hours and schedules that need filling. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be too happy for me, I am still unemployed and seeking that real job, but my current work for free in sports editing and and unrelated footage research is keeping me rather busy.

To continue with this oddly personal note, I promise that I am trying to work out a balanced schedule (things have just gotten crazy with sudden opportunities in the past ten days or so) so that my own writing survives and not just that which I edit.

I edit much better than this post would have you think. I swear.

PS: It’s the Dancing With the Stars Finale this week and Words to Bumble will be covering with full illustration. It is a ridiculous show, you should watch it and comment always.


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Job of the Day: BSG

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For all those many unemployed Battle Star Galactica fans out there (OK, maybe you’re just a freelancer between projects), some shady-ass kid from NYU (shot in the dark) needs your help for a term paper.

What. The. Hell.

And really? You are going to pay $25 a page? What is happening? Who are you?

And now you all know that I regularly stalk the Writing/Editing jobs on Craigslist. Whatever.

But really: What the what!?


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Creatively Broke

New endeavors abound: Follow CreativelyBroke on Twitter.

“Tips, quips, blogs, incidents & results of being broke in the life. Sometimes, I call it money poor.”

Tune in daily for the latest hot tips on how to survive and spice up your poverty or just learn how to embrace frugality money-poor style.

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Money Poor with Kathleen

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One of these days, Kathleen‘s blog will get up and running. Until then, it is my responsibility to bring these little nuggets of joy into your life.

Imagine that you are in the New York City subway heading to the Upper West Side on the delightful 1 train. And upon my feet, what do you see?

A roll of Whole Foods 365 brand paper towels just lying there– fully wrapped, fully abandoned.

If you are Kathleen you turn to me with a raised eyebrow and ask, “Is it too gross to take these? Is it too sad?”

I reply, “Actually, if you hadn’t said something, I probably would have.”

When you are money poor you learn that beggars can’t be choosers.

Sure, it was a little embarrassing. Sure, I contemplated how to look as though I wasn’t really with her– that I had no connection to this crazy woman picking household goods off the floor of a subway station in midtown.

Afterwards we crammed onto the uptown 1, paper towels stowed under Kathleen’s arm. We decided that since every penny saved is an extra penny towards our new life dream of learning how to speed skate (based on Kathleen’s family being in Ballston Spa & our strong thighs, plus a little residual Olympic fever) that we had made the right choice. As I get out the one liner that was much better in person, a woman standing nearby turned to us with a questioning face, turned away and then turned back to us and said, “Wait what?”

So then we had to explain the paper towels, explain my love of short track, how I am job hunting, our speed skating pact (glad I’m publicizing that here… ) et cetera, et cetera. Then I ended up noting that I would probably write about it in my blog and let me tell you, I have never been sorrier that I have yet to have personal business cards made up. I bet I could have had one more reader after that exchange.

Oh sigh.

At any rate: Kathleen was really happy about the paper towels, a New York subway experience of bizarreté was had and we got a few great pictures too. Plus, our destination was her new apartment sans furniture or napkins for the celebratory pizza and beer.

So you see, Kathleen knew what she was doing when she sacrificed her dignity and took paper towels out of the subway.

And this is just how life is when you are a poor twenty-something trying to live the life in Manhattan. Some people go on food stamps, some people sell their eggs, others walk to and from work and when a monsoon forces them to indulge in a metro card payment they pillage the offerings of subway stations.

It happens.


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People with Jobs

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Last night I saw a friend of mine. He is a few years younger than I, less one masters degree, but plus one job. I mentioned that I have an interview next week, finally. Said “friend” went on to blather about how when he had been looking for a job that such was all he did for three weeks straight and then wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am he lined up a few interviews and became gainfully employed.

This from a man (let us not obsess over terminology) who moments earlier had clicked his heels together and exclaimed, “I can make noises with my feet!”

One-hundred percent true.

I almost hit him, but he was across the room. Instead, I turned to Kathleen and queried, “How does he have a job? What does he have on his resumé? Peewee hockey?!”

It was David.

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Mary Carillo: Expert in Canadiana

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I think a lot of us fell a little in love with Mary Carillo over the course of Vancouver 2010. I know Kathleen and I did; I suspect that you might have.

Mary Carillo’s late night coverage got us through many hours of luging and women’s events, which were often inexplicably/explicably pushed from prime time into late night– lots of lady speed skating, biathloning and other such activities. I would have been even more upset had Mary not been there to carry us through with her amazing collection of boots and blazers that challenged even the dapper new look sported by Bob Costas.

So who is Mary Carillo? How did she come to us?


Mary Carillo was a professional tennis player in the late seventies, retiring in 1980 due to knee injuries. From there she went forward as a widely celebrated tennis commentator, et cetera… and in 1992 she showed up in Albertville to provide some insight into skiing events. She made her summer games début as a tennis commentator at the 1996 Atlanta games, and continued to expand her winter repertoire as well. The 2002 Salt Lake games brought us the best comment about two-man luge that the world as ever heard: “a bar bet gone wrong.” She has also written three books about tennis. Read her Wikipedia page, she sounds like a busy lady… who maybe would like to hire me to be on her team for the 2012 games… I’m just saying that it would be a lot of fun and like, we could stand next to each other and it would be funny because you know how I am short and she is the opposite of that… and I just love the Olympics so much, and I just want to hang out with Mary and the Olympics…


Anyways, as the years  passed she took on hosting capacities, such as her 2006’s Olympic Ice in Torino and forging into late night coverage in Beijing. It appears that the 2008 games also saw her foray into providing cultural slices of life about the host country. This past time ’round, Bob Costas noted that she has become an expert on all that is Canadian, “Canadiana” if you will, as per her special prime time segments that took us around the great white north as if we really wanted to know more about Canada. The segments also roped in many an animal lover with spotlights on playful polar bears and puppies, theoretically luring non-sportsfans to turn their gaze towards Olympic coverage. They say there is something for everyone…

So we got to see Mary try out dog sledding after meeting an inspirational blind husky named Isabelle who still runs despite her disability. Mary figured that if Isabelle could still run with her pack, that she herself could give dog sledding a try. They both achieved the seemingly impossible that day.

Later, Mary delved into the world that is British Columbian logging. She hung out with lumberjacks, learned about their efforts to replant the forests as they go, and what they do for fun on the job. And what do they do? The pop wheelies on their tractors. The tennis pro and the woodsmen really bonded. As a final moment of joy on the river, Mary got to give the call for the loggers to dump a pile off logs into the river from above; it clearly brought her a lot a of joy: “Hahaha, I love my job. I love my job! Ahahaha!”

I love your job too.

We were blessed with one last moment of enlightenment regarding the Canadian experience as Mary and Bob bid each other farewell: It was an ace investigation into Canada as a breeding ground for humor, “the comedy of Canada as its greatest export.” Caroline Rhea explained that “It’s really cold here, so you have to entertain yourself all the time!”

So… turns out there are a lot of Canadian comics amongst us. Additionally Lorne Michaels, creator of Saturday Night Live hails from our northern neighbor. It makes sense when you think about it, since SNL is such an entry point for such folk (Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short, Mike Meyers, and more). Shocking.

Mary also provided some insight to the sporting events in questions: NBC sent her to the Netherlands to check out the homeland of speed skating in Kathleen’s favorite Carillo special segment. We learned about the Elfstednentocht, the longest of long tracking over 200 kilometers of canals in the Netherlands, coursing 16,000 competitors through eleven cities, fifteen times since 1909. As the canals have not cooperated by freezing fully since 1997’s event, the Dutch recently came up with an alternative: the FlevOnIce, a three-mile manmade ice track allowing the Dutch to pursue their love of skating outdoors. Mary’s thoughts on the matter? “It’s a lovely passion, it is– a lovely obsession.”

I like her candidness.


Ever game for an authentic experience, Mary even dressed up like a crazy Dutch-er and went to see a pro race featuring Sven Kramer and American Shani Davis, who–incidentally–won, probably because Mary was there cheering him on. Mary asked a few locals if her outfit was the craziest they had ever seen. They gave an emphatic “Oh no,” please, “you’re in Holland!”

Mary’s final verdict on her experience: “Anyone who visits will get carried away by the zany orange zeal.”

Let’s take this opportunity to thank Mary Carillo for traveling all of Canada and various other parts of the world for our Olympic education and entertainment.

Parting with Mary’s late night coverage was bittersweet. Colbert the moose (formerly Ebersol) was apparently pretty torn up about it as well. The two had been through a lot together, “Colbert was inconsolable” when the Canadian men lost to the Americans in that early hockey game (presumably he is now feeling adequately smug about that gold medal situation). However, he had best reign in those Canadian feelings since it look like Colbert is coming back to New York with NBC for some sort of installation on the Vancouver games at 30 Rock. Looks like they are going to have to change his name again though since Colbert is kinda associated with Comedy Central, which brings us to this last exchange:

“‘The Chairman,’ that’s you name? Is that your final antler?… You wanna meet Tina Fey? I can’t promise that.”

Get in line moose, we all want to meet Tina Fey.



Ok, ok, so that final adieu to late night Olympic coverage was insanely corny. It was ridiculous, but you know what? Mary went out there and got it done– the interesting, the stupid, the funny and the obscure. During her final chat with Bob Costas she said, “I’ve had a lot of good assignments.” That’s probably worth kissing a stuffed moose, right?


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