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Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 London Premiere: Helena Bonham Carter Wore a Fascinator

Well that’s it folks. The London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 went down yesterday. Apparently it was rainy. Quelle surprise. 

Daily Mail

There’s plenty of videos to be had, tearful goodbyes to be heard, et cetera, et cetera. Headlines involving “Emma Watson” and “tearful” abound.

Honestly, not terribly interesting. Touching,maybe. Sweet, maybe. Cute, maybe. Bittersweet, sure. Not terribly interesting, no. out


You know what was dependably interesting and fabulous? Words to Bumble favorite Helena Bonham Carter busted out a fascinator (you know how I feel about fascinators) and her trademark shades because she is fabulous, clearly.

Love it.

On the red carpet she commented on her character’s popularity despite being insanely evil and also just insane: “It’s funny but it’s slightly worrying, how many of you guys actually love [Bellatrix], because she is barking.”

Terrifyingly barking.


Incidentally, in my research for photos from the event I came across two Bonham Carter sites interested obsessives might care to visit:

Mrs. Lovett
Fuck Yeah Helena Bonham Carter

And then some random all-encompassing premiere pictures and gif ness at In the Grey Light of the Abyss (who know livejournal was still around?).

I dedicate all this to Beatrice.

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Savoy Cocktail of the Week: The Fascinator

Who does not love a fascinator? They are ridiculous, frivolous and amazing all at the same time. They have a silly yet oh-so-apt name.

Lady Amelia, Lady Eliza and Lady Kitty / celebritystyle.about.com

You can wear them at weddings (Did you not see the royal wedding?), horse races (Are they part of the formal Royal Enclosure dress code at Ascot? Yes.) and even at the occasional ironic hipster cocktail gathering. I have a small peacock feather one I like to settled into a mass of retro curls. I do not as of yet own one appropriate for day wear, which is really too bad because the Preakness is happening this weekend and I prefer formal attire for major racing events.

Again, I present you with a cocktail selected from The Savoy Cocktail Book solely on the merit of its name. Such is life.

Again, it is basically a dressed up (and rather springy) martini, garnished with fragrant mint sprigs (which definitely need to muddled, possibly even pummeled) and dashed with a bit of absinthe, providing springy color and herbiness to the mix.

I recommend imbibing the Fascinator with an ice-cube or two to keep it crisp. I also recommend a fresh mint sprig for garnish in addition to some battered mint mixed into the drink itself (like a julep—yet another horse race connection for the Fascinator). Next time, I might make it a bit drier than the recipe calls for (2 gin: 1 vermouth). I am not raving about the cocktail, but I would serve it again for the right occasion to people who like martinis. Of course be warned: it’s potent.


Your homework?

Fluffy Ruffles Cocktail

1/2 Bacardi Rum
1/2 Italian Vermouth
The Peel of 1 Lime or Piece of Lemon

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

And because I could not resist, here is another over-the-top fascinator sported by poor Princess Beatrice of royal wedding fascinator shame. This butterfly concoction was worn at the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden to Daniel Westling.


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