Apolo Ohno Just Can’t Stay Away From the ‘Lympics: Superficial Archery Things

So, Apolo Ohno has a special segment on NBC’s Olympic Zone (which airs after the local news and before primetime coverage… and is fairly awful from my limited experience with it). Ohno is bringing you the athlete’s perspective (versus… ?) from the games in a bit called “Apolo’s Inside Track.” Don’t you just love the short track pun?

Still, I clearly love Apolo Ohno, so clearly I am watching this wonderment. Today he hung out with the archery team and learned how to shoot arrows. He was not terrible. He didn’t even injure anyone.  Also, I think he might secretly be funny. They should probably give him a longer segment, because everyone else is boring.

As for the men’s archery team, I just feel so horribly for them because apparently the reason the American public is suddenly into archery is all thanks to The Hunger Games. I am so sorry that your silver medals are marred by this nonsense, Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski and Jacob Wukie.

This is from Team USA’s website. It is.

Other things I am enjoying include having a similar name to the sprinter busy showing up Usain Bolt: Yohan Blake. Sometimes people say “Johanna” with a  “Yo.” It’s true. Also, Bolt dubbed Blake “The Beast”—and that’s pretty awesome. I am very excited for track and field to start, but I am sad for swimming to be winding down. I do love watching a butterfly stroke.

I am excited for all the things that I already know are going to happen on primetime tonight.

SO many feelings. Sorry.


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