Apparently, Having Zooey Deschanel on SNL Merits Multiple Guest Appearances

First of all, I have no idea whether or not I like Zooey Deschanel. It is very difficult to figure out. Sure, she is all “adorkable” (or whatever we’re supposed to call her), and she sounds a bit like a female Kermit the Frog (who we obviously love), and quite frankly after seeing The Descendants, I’m kind of into ukulele at the moment, but—well, the cons are pretty much all the same things.

I do know that I pretty much entirely enjoyed this week’s Deschanel-hosted Saturday Night Live. 

First of all, my favorite quotation of the night (based the singular reason that it is a direct quote from almost every moment of my life, including earlier today at the Post Office when I asked: “Do you still sell two-cent stamps? Is that a thing?”—they do, it’s just not clear on the website)  came out of the fast-talking newspaper office sketch in which Deschanel’s character tries to fit in, fails, but “almost”makes it, exclaiming: “Hey! That was almost a thing! I almost did it! I think I’m gonna fit in here great, yay! [pause] Or not, whatever.”

It was great. Also, it was how I have felt at so many of my failed employment experiences. Except that one office where people hardly ever spoke and we took tea every day for 45 minutes. I fit in pretty well there.

My favorite Deschanel-helmed sketch of the evening (or Monday morning, if we’re being real about this recap) was a revamp of the “French Dancing” sketch à la The Artist, complete with a  guest appearance by Jean Dujardin miming and dancing it up. I have not yet seen The Artist, but I have been planning on seeing it for weeks and I do kind of love Jean Dujardin, so it’s basically the same thing (not a thing).

Sidebar: Have you seen Dujardin’s Funny or Die sketch? / That's "Michael Cera" in the background.

Second favorite, clearly featured a delightfully awkward face-to-face of the real Zooey Deschanel and her SNL doppelgänger played by Abby Elliot on “Bein’ Quirky.” Deschanel played Mary-Kate Olsen, who was “happy” to appear on the show, because a slight breeze happened to blow her over to the set. She’s also wearing an electric blanket instead of a dress that she found in the garbage: “Garbage, garbage, it’s fun to bring home garbage” (you have to sing that line). Bjork even showed up and knitted a sweater for an octopus. They also paid homage to the inspiration for quirky girls everywhere,  Mayim Bialik, the star of Blossom (cut to me looking up Blossom on Netflix, because I loved it so).

Nicolas Cage made the second surprise celebrity guest of the guest, by appearing on Weekend Update’s “Get in the Cage” segment alongside his SNL clone played by Andy Samburg. Clearly, remarks on the sequel to Ghostrider were made, as were amazingly lyrical Cageian compliments. It was amazing. That’s high praise.

The two key elements of a Nick Cage feature? “All of the dialogue is either whispered or screamed… [and] everything in the movie is on fire.

Next up for Cage and Cage? “A three-way with the Declaration of Independence.”

And not to continue to harp on Super Bowl commercials, but the Bill-Hader-As-Clint-Eastwood doing a trifecta of half-time in America commercials also made me giggle (parts one, two, three).

So really, it was kind of a winner of an episode, overall. And even more so if you read New York Magazine’s predictions. 


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