Dubya Tries to Get His Dog on a Plane

Last week I was helping my mom study up for her annual trivia outing. Mostly we covered the usual basics: Golden Globe winners, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Time’s top five people of the year, Nobel Peace Prize winners—all the categories that are apparently featured every year. And then I had a stroke of genius: It’s an election year, how about some political trivia? So we looked up the past five GOP and Democratic convention locations, which states have Republican caucuses instead of primaries, twentieth century First Ladies and Vice Presidents, etc. Finally, I decided to look up presidential pets, which—btw—is pretty hilarious and there’s a museum.

In the course of my searching, I found these amazing pictures of President Bush the Latter with canine companion Barney, which probably speak to every dog owner ever, and literally made me laugh out loud. The last time I took my dog on a trip, she vomited orange all over the back seat of my car. I will never fly with her.

Put. Me. Down.

I am NOT getting on that aircraft. You can't make me. Salutes cannot make me.

I'm sorry you are all still saluting me, but there is no way I am getting in this contraption. For all I know, this is just a scheming ploy to take me to the vet, and I am NOT going.

Well this is embarrassing. I am going to pee in the Oval Office later.

Oh sweet terra firma—Get OUT of my way, Spot!

I'm SO out of here. Let go of that leash, or I will trip someone on camera.

This is one is just cute. Spot probably liked to fly.



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