Gawker Weekend Auditions: Bobby Finger

I came upon this whilst idly scanning Gawker over the weekend, which lead me to this—which I find kind of hilarious.

The second “this” is defined as “Hate Actually”, a holiday post from The Hairpin, by said Bobby Finger.

“Hate Actually” assesses each of the Love Actually love story plot lines, broken down into “hate actually” and “love actually” bulleted points. It’s pretty entertaining. It probably will not make your entire day, and it is certainly well past the holiday season (although, true story, I am still rounding up the odd holiday decoration about the abode), but it made me giggle. I do love actually bulleted points.

Consider this bit:

Sarah (Laura Linney) and Karl (Rodrigo Santoro)

Why I hate actually it:

  • Yeah. Karl is single.
  • All the pressure for initiating the relationship is placed on Sarah, despite the fact that Karl seems to return the interest.
  • Yeah. Karl is single.
  • Sarah’s brother’s illness is too vaguely presented for me to fully comprehend her compulsive phone answering. Couldn’t you have pressed ignore while Karl was in your bedroom?
  • Yeah. Karl is single.

Why I love actually it:

  • Laura Linney deserves so much happiness! Haven’t you seen You Can Count on Me?
  • Karl’s glasses!
  • When Alan Rickman is like, “YOU NEED TO DATE HIM,” basically because he’s such a great and supportive boss even though he cheated on Emma Thompson!
  • Their first dance!
  • When she laughs and jumps after their first kiss! 🙂
  • She’s a really good sister.”

Knock yourself out reading the rest. Again, that’s here (#gratuitousrepeatedlinkingtosomethingthatisnotevenmine).


More on cocktails coming soon. I tried the Mississippi Mule and Mr. Manhattan.


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