Golden Globes, Part 2: Additional Honorable Mentions & Fashion

After a little SOPA/PIPA self-interruption… I shall reward the masses with additional minor thoughts on the Golden Globes. A little Thursday delight.

Three More Special Moments

  • In Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue he read out restraints placed on him by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. One was in regards to profanity to which Gervais responded, “That’s fine. I’ve got a huge vocabulary. No nudity: See that’s a shame because I’ve got a huge [pause]…vocabulary—but a tiny penis.”
  • Claire Danes, upon winning Best Actress in a Television Series—Drama for her role in Homeland, reminded us that she won her first Golden Globe (of three) when she was fifteen-years-old in the same category. The series was My So-Called Life, and she burst into tears as soon as she left the stage, horrified that she had forgotten to thank her parents. I bet they bring it up at every major family gathering—wouldn’t yours? But really, it just made me giggle to remember how much everyone in my age group loves My So-Called Life, and how it is perpetually in my Netflix queue as some sort monument in memorandum to my youth.
  • Matt Leblanc won Best Actor in a Television Series—Comedy/Musical for Episodes. Period. That was a highlight to my life, as someone who can recite the entire ten-year run of Friends. A fairly run-of-the-mill acceptance speech becomes adorable when halfway through Leblanc cuts himself off and exclaims: “Wow, I’m so nervous!” And doesn’t he look ever so dapper with grey hair?

Let’s go ahead and end with a slide show of noteworthy gowns—mostly good, but two that just befuddle me. Disclaimer: I missed most of the red carpet action… again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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