Electronic Shutter Audio Rant

First of all, if something—anything—has no need to make noise… why would making an artificial noise even be an option? That is just annoying. Adding to noise pollution.

I mean really, what is the purpose?

Furthermore, why is it that the default setting always “audio on.” Specifically, “shutter audio on.”

First of all, one of the best things about digital cameras is stealth photography—or at least unobtrusive photography in environments where a click, click, click is not acceptable. Just look at Halloween or Williamsburg? I bet the majority of those images are the result of stealth camera work.

Further, furthermore, why is the name of all that is good in the world do cell phone camera functions feel the need to audibly click?

Seriously. Cell phone cameras are the pinnacle of poor man’s stealth photography. We all have that friend (or are that friend) who continually pretends to text at an awkward phone-to-eye ratio, but is really documenting every single moment of awkwardness, amazingness, entertainingness, or intriguingness that abounds at the bar, in the subway, on the street…

I mean really, no one is expecting to win major accolades for photos taken on a phone. Rarely is one really trying to frame up that moment artistically. Mostly, one is really trying to get a quick snap of something (or more likely someone) without being caught.

Even when it is not a high stealth situation. Even when I am just at the garden center with my mom, helping to plan out plantings for the next season, taking a couple snaps of possible botanical contenders, I do not need the media audio setting on my phone to send an artificial shutter audio echoing down the aisles. Just because I want to be able to watch the occasional episode of Mad Men on my Netflix app (thus turning on the media audio setting), does not mean the camera should have license to be more annoying that words can express (although I am doing a pretty decent job of making words do the trick in this moment).

Rant. Rant. Rant.


And for the record, the unnecessary audio on my (now defunct, thanks Montana mountain trail) digital camera makes me want to scream as well. Every time it dies and feels the need to reset all its settings and infos… there. it. is. That dreadful, shrill beep followed by an enhanced fake click.

Dear camera. Why are you making noise?

Why, why, why?


In slightly related news, I am now in the market for a new camera and researching which one to go with may quite possibly be more stressful than applying to graduate school. Seriously.


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