TV Is Back: Whitney Cummings & Cupcakes

The return of fall prime time is right up there with apple picking, new tights, and the impending death of mosquitoes.

In addition to the joyful return of Parks & Recreation (“yay!”), the spree of planking of The Office, and the lamentable delay of 30 Rock, the slew of new shows is daunting as usual.

Whitney Cummings has two new shows airing on CBS and NBC. The self-titled Whitney was one of the overly promoted NBC offerings featured in that Rolling Stone special section. Looks like your average romcom sitcom. 2 Broke Girls speaks to those of us who have been poor in New York—tip of the hat to the pioneers of Greenpoint. You know who you are.

Pilots are rough. Two pilots created by one lady both featuring minor plot points around the surprisingly long-lived cupcake fad is a bit much.

Kat Dennings’ character on 2 Broke Girls bakes cupcakes for the diner at which the girls waitress, charging $1.50 each. Newly-broke-former-rich-girl Caroline suggests covertly marking the cupcakes up to $7 and pocketing the extra cash. Which she goes ahead and does.

For the record, there is a delightful Lower East Side Manhattan cupcake bakery, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, that charges only $1.75 per delicious cupcake (you can get them delivered by the half-dozen). Magnolia charges about $3.00 (if you want a fancier reference point). It would have to be the last cupcake on earth for someone to pay $7.00 for a diner cupcake. Possibly the last morsel of food on earth, period.

Later in the week, Whitney of Whitney attends a wedding where the cake is a tower of cupcakes. So trendy.

Predictably, Whitney grabs a few cupcakes before the cutting of the cake and totally ruins the moment. Whamps. She later dresses up as a naughty nurse before inadvertently causes her boyfriend to suffer a concussion. She accompanies him to the ER still in costume.

On the upside, I still remember my favorite line of the show, spoken by one of Whitney’s friends as she breezes into Whitney’s apartment: “You just left me a message I didn’t listen to. What’s up?”

Because that is pretty much how I roll. Please don’t leave me voicemail.

Anyways, aside from having an intense desire to eat a cupcake (my dream cupcake is that one from Bridesmaids, with the fondant flower on top: directions here), I’ve decided to stick around for a couple of more episodes.



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