I Always Forget the Emmys

I do. Almost every year. This time around, I went out to see Contagion and eat sushi. Sure, a weaker-willed group of people might have opted out of restaurant dining after viewing the mega virus debacle. Luckily, my friends like to eat. And the place we go to (Fin on Wilson and Hermitage in Chicago) is divine (don’t be scared, try the Honey Walnut roll or the Crunchy Plantain).

I digress.

Regarding the Emmys, I am mostly bummed about missing red carpet action. Although when I remembered that Jane Lynch hosted, I did nearly shed a single tear for my loss.

The up-shoot of all this is that my typical comments are basically non-existent. I looked at a few slide shows, and I will limit my comments to four.

What, what, what are you doing Gwyneth Paltrow?


I love Kate Winslet the most, almost all the time (although I did recently watch Heavenly Creatures in a mad dash before Netflix self destructs… and that is one creepy, creepy movie).


Will Arnett’s facial expression. Amy Poehler’s Mystique-esque gown.


Aubrey Plaza always looks as though she is about to punch someone—and I love that about her.



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