Random: James McAvoy & Masterpiece Mystery Inspector Lynley

I grew up loving Thursday night PBS Mystery! programming. Diana Rigg would host, and on my favorite nights, Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot would save the day in his patent leather shoes.

Over time, my Netflix account has learned this secret of my past. They know that I love Poirot, Miss Marple and Jessica Fletcher. Based on this insight to my psyche, the kind computers at Netflix suggested I might enjoy another Masterpiece Mystery! offering from the BBC: The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

It was a Wednesday night, I felt like a mystery, I flipped on the good old streaming Netflix, I browsed through the recommendations, and I came upon “Payment in Blood,” promising that “An avant-garde play is being read at a Scottish country house, and during the evening, the playwright is brutally murdered. But this case is far from open and shut. Unhappily for Detective Inspector Lynley (Nathaniel Parker), his own beloved Lady Helen Clyde (Lesley Vickerage) is one of the chief suspects. Will the consummate professional allow his personal feelings to cloud his judgment?”


When I watch such shows I always wish for an appearance by an actor who is famous now, but was just starting out then. I love watching old television shows and seeing random guest stars.

It almost never happens. I always feel that someone should show up in a Mystery!

It finally happened. The first moments of “Payment in Blood” featured vaguely familiar face. My suspicions that the shockingly pale face belonged to James McAvoy were soon confirmed.

I find it randomly amusing.


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One response to “Random: James McAvoy & Masterpiece Mystery Inspector Lynley

  1. Loved this post. It was like reading about myself….I was one of the only children I knew who actually preferred Jessica Fletcher, Matlock, and Diagnosis Murder to traditional “kids shows” (didn’t discover Agatha Christie until the 5th Grade, when a librarian left a copy of a Miss Marple mystery in the kid’s bookshelf by mistake). I just got Netflix, so have been catching up on all the Murder, She Wrote, Perry Mason, and other mystery shows that I can handle. I’ll have to watch “Inspector Lynley” next.

    Nice post, and have a great day!

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