Tea Time for Moldy Zucchini Plants


Sadness of sadness in the world of gardening: An infestation has tackled my enormous, beautiful and bounteous zucchini plants. It appears to be a thin but pervasive white mold/fungus situation. I even found some truly bizarre white mushrooms growing near the bases of a couple of plants. Sadly, I was so distraught that I discarded the culprits without photographing them as specimens (also, regrettably, it is pouring outside now so the picture is not from my garden, but is a pretty close match to my situation with mold on the leaves and stalks).

What to do?

I put my first Google-generated course of treatment into action last week. The inter-webs told me that chamomile tea is a great natural fungicide, oft used on zucchini and other squashes. Apparently the squash family is particularly susceptible to this fungal infection? I never encountered it before this year.

At any rate, I brewed up some strong chamomile tea, spritzed and hoped. There has been some definite improvement. I would say the whiteness is thinning out a bit, but it is not yet defeated.

I want extirpation, termination; in short: triumph over all things fungal.

Unfortunately, this whole situation arose during my vacation in the wide open west. By the time I returned to my vegetable patch, the mold had taken hold. Then it took me a couple days to sort it out… so before receiving any treatment the mold was pervasive. I still hope that continued spritzing with chamomile will help.

I do think if I had acted immediately, the chamomile would have vanquished most of the mold.

Oh time, why do you foil me?

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  1. The tansy plant is an organic natural fungicide as well. Clip several leaves and make a decoction by boiling them in water and let it steep for 24 hours. Use about 1/2 gallon of water for decoction w/ 2 handfuls of leaves. After steepin, strain into a gallon jug and add water to make 3/4 gallon. This is also known to me as a great fungicide prevention of blight when sprayed on tomato plants at weekly intervals. Happy Gardening!

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