Thanks for the Terrible Headline, Trib: Paul Is Dead…

So Sunday morning I sit down for breakfast and glance at the newspapers strewn across the table, upside down from my vantage point.

Paul Is Dead.

The smaller print “and other myths,” did not come to my attention until I was seen to be gaping at the Arts & Entertainment front page of the Chicago Tribune, at which point the page was turned right-side-up and the disbelief dispelled.

Really, I almost had a moment. I am already upset enough to be leaving town the day of his concert in Chicago. Yeah, I wanted to go.

I mean sure, it was funny in 1969, but now he’s actually getting up there. And I think we have all come to accept that he is actually real and not an imposter taking the place of a dead Beatles.

Dear Terrible Headline Writer for Arts & Entertainment: That was mean. Sunday morning is a time of relaxation and recreation. On the other hand, I read the article.

Most likely, I would have read it anyway, so I return to my prior declaration: Terrible headline! Erroneous! I hate you.


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