Savoy Cocktails of the Week: Hawaiian, Homestead and Honolulu No. 2 Cocktail

Rather a while a back I assigned myself the Hawaiian and Homestead cocktails from pages 82-3 of The Savoy Cocktail Book. In a fit of remorse over my tardiness in posting/a love of cocktails on the veranda, I also sampled the Honolulu No. 2.


We loved the Hawaiian Cocktail. It was delicious—unsurprisingly, given it is comprised of orange juice, orange liqueur and gin. The blue Curaçao made it a funny color, but not displeasing. I wished I had cocktail umbrellas for festive embellishment. A dressed up gin and juice with a little extra kick to the juice flavor. Two thumbs up for summer refreshment. I served the Hawaiian with a couple of ice cubes after shaking over ice; it’s a larger drink than many in the Book, and on a melting summer day—let’s face it—ice cubes just make sense. This was the first cocktail I have made with a hefty dosage of Curaçao (past recipes have only called for a dash or two), and I quite enjoyed the experience. It should be pretty easy to whip up a large batch of these for party pitchers, if so inclined.

The Homestead, “known in the old homesteads of the Southern States long before the name Cocktail was coined,” was likewise quite tasty, but much stronger than the Hawaiian. The mixture of gin and Italian vermouth sipped over a large slice of navel orange—which lent a pleasingly strong orange tint to the flavor—proved a smooth, slightly syrupy companion to sun-dried tomato dip and crackers whilst waiting for the grill to heat up. While the Hawaiian was peppy and festive, the Homestead was calming and relaxing in character. A nice winding down end-of-the-day libation, neither too strong nor too flighty. I wish I’d remembered to snap a picture, as the drink presented quite nicely in a tumbler with an almost too big to fit slice of orange standing diagonally (so the liquid runs over it on its way to your mouth).

As for the bonus Honolulu No. 2 (the No. 1 involved far too many ingredients, by which I mean it called for a dash of pineapple juice of which my refrigeration is lacking), it was something you knew had strength but tasted sweeter than many other selections, thanks to the Maraschino (something we have not imbibed in several weeks).

1/3 Maraschino
1/3 Gin
1/3 Bénédictine

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

With nice champagne-like coloring, I am not sure this drink conjured up images of the tropics, but it was very nice, light and smooth and I would shake it up again. Definitely one of the better way to serve up Maraschino.

After a slew of “H” cocktail, it is time to carry on into the “I” selections.

The Ideal Cocktail

3 Dashes Maraschino
1/3 Italian Vermouth
2/3 Dry Gin
1 Tablespoonful Grapefruit Juice

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. Serve small nut in glass.

I am clearly going to have to do some research on that whole nut situation.



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