Release the Stars, Rufus Wainwright

Last week I rekindled my love of Rufus Wainwright with his 2007 album Release the Stars

It is true, I am several years late on this one, but it made my week. I discovered “Sanssouci” whilst trying clothes at Anthropologie. I Shazam an inordinate number of songs from the fitting rooms at Anthropologie.

Every time.

Sanssouci called to my decorative arts ness. Sanssouci (meaning without cares in French) is the name given to a pleasure palace built by Frederick the Great of Prussia in the German rococo style. The Prussian rival to Versailles. I cannot officially weigh in, having never been to Potsdam. I love a fab formal garden though. And chinoiserie?  Yes, please.

I love me some rococo stucco work.

Anyways, if you have not been illuminated by this album, I am going out on a limb and recommending it. It is lovely. All talk of rococo, German history, palaces and stucco decoration aside.

Favorite tunes on the album: “Rules and Regulations,” “Sanssouci,” “Between My Legs,” and “Tiergarten.”




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