Nostalgia Lane: Remember Lady Lovely Locks?

Last week an entirely random urge came over me. I was compelled to scour Netflix (and beyond) for what I can only infer is an obscure 1980s cartoon, vaguely ensconced in the foggy mists of my memory.

Once on the road of 1980s cartoons for girls there was no turning back.

First of all, in my mind the cartoon I am thinking of is linked to something called “Gigi,” but according to my excruciatingly time-wasting internet research… it is not. People fly. There are clouds. We rented it from our local video store in the mid-1980s. I have no idea.

At any rate, my search brought me to many a 1980s cartoons website. It was a little magical. One post dedicated to girly cartoons reintroduced Lady Lovely Locks to my memory. The 80’s Toy Ark is flush with collectibles and memories as well.

I never saw the actual cartoon, but I did own an “Enchanted Island” edition of Lady Lovely Locks herself and a Little Golden Book entitled Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails: Silkypup Saves the Day.

I loved that book. I loved that doll.

Lady Lovely Locks came with little magical creatures called pixietails that lived in her (and her friends’ hair). My doll came with three aquatic pixies, being the Enchanted Island variety.

Her dog—as you may have guessed—was named Silkypup. She had a posse of similarly charmed friends and an enemy (who obviously had black hair to denote her evilness) named Duchess Raven Waves.

It would appear that the whole affair was mainly geared towards selling merchandise rather than establishing a classic cartoon… but then again, I have not bothered to watch more than the intro to the cartoon on YouTube.

Ah memory lane.

I am more than a little saddened to realize that my precious Lady Lovely Locks doll and the even more awesome pixietail barrettes (yeah I wore them in my own hair) perished in a flood that swept many a childhood memory out of my parents’ basement.

Those barrettes would have looked really great clipped to my dog’s ears. She could have been Silkypup for Halloween. Unfortunately, she will have to stick with her bumblebee costume.



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