Best Google Day Ever: Little Miss & Mister!

Growing up, I adored the Little Miss and Mr. Men books by Roger Hargreaves. The earliest tomes I recall are Little Miss Bossy Boots (whose boots ran her all over town until she learned not to be bossy) and Mr. Greedy (who ate and ate, got fatter and fatter, but hungrier and hungrier).

When I was in college, Urban Outfitters started selling t-shirts featuring the characters. Guess who owns the Little Miss Bossy tee? I also may have caused a minor scene in a bookshop on Charing Cross Road when confronted by an entire rack of my beloved childhood books, unencountered for many years up to that point.

So much love.

Imagine my delight when I hopped on Google this morning and chanced to spy this logo of joy. Obviously, I clicked through.

Turns out today would have been Mr. Hargreaves 76th birthday, hence the Google-bration.

And there are so many more! So much joy.



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3 responses to “Best Google Day Ever: Little Miss & Mister!

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