Musical Monday

Tim over at Wine With Breakfast likes to share Musical Fridays (and let me clarify, when we say “musical” we mean Musical, like Rogers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter, Stephen Sondheim… you know, theatrical musicality, often with dancing—or at least a shimmy).

This morning, I bring you a Musical moment for Monday. Incidentally, Tim is the one who originally shared this gem with me. I literally laugh out loud every time.

I bring you Christine Pedi’s Forbidden Broadway interpretation of “Cabaret,” from—you guessed it—Cabaret. The sarcasm, the anger, the bite, the Simpsons aunts’ voice—I just love it.

Re! Re! Reeeeeeeeeey!


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One response to “Musical Monday

  1. Tim Yergeau

    Let the record state that Christine Pedi is actually doing a dead-on impression of Broadway diva Elaine Stritch.

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