Let’s Talk Souvenirs

As you all know—seeing as I’ve now noted it three times—my household contains a William and Catherine wedding mug complete with the Gryffindor mascot and a unicorn. Thanks to a visit from Londoner friends, that is our souvenir of Friday’s pageantry.

But what about the other possible souvenirs for sale? Slate ran a slideshow of their favorites. I in turn have selected and even more selective selection from their compilation.

As discussed in my previous post, the highlight of royal wedding day for many Brits was the joy of a free holiday; thus, this may or may not be the most apt souvenir for you cynical friends.

And for those in need of supplies to aid their long weekend celebrating…

It doesn’t shout “classy,” and of course, condoms are not the most durable of keepsakes… but there you go. It’s an option. It’s out there.

I am only the messenger.


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