Sleeping Beauty Dress Debate: An Easter Celebration

To close off the slew of Easter-related posts spawned by the holiday weekend, I bring you my Easter Weekend Movement for Blue, sequel to last week’s Sleeping Beauty dress color debate.

I enjoy crafts and very bright colors. I was a big fan of Rainbow Brite (by “was,” I clearly mean “am”). It is no surprise that I enjoy coloring eggs for Easter. I event hosted egg coloring in college. Once I did so in an apartment with no furniture. We sat on the floor, and a Jewish friend painted his first Easter egg… as a globe. He was very artistic. I have never attempted such detail.

What have I attempted? This year I chose to use egg coloring as a tribute to my favorite Disney film of all time: Sleeping Beauty. Regardez my egg interpretation of the frenzied dress color battle between fairies Flora and Merriweather.

That is probably my favorite scene in the entire movie.

Sidebar: How is Fauna not compelled to join in the mayhem and shout “green,” for good measure? I know I would have.

Sidebar No. 2: what on earth does Fauna think she is doing with that cake? And again, why is the cake blue and pink? Has she no loyalty to the color green? Come on.

Luckily, I have come across and Tumblr dedicated to the wonderfulness of Sleeping Beauty, which happens to feature a post portraying Disney ladies wearing green, so now we have some idea what the dress may have looked like if Fauna hadn’t been so confused by what “Tsp.” means. Plus, F Yeah Princess Aurora/ Once Upon a Dream, is just chock full of entertaining Sleeping Beauty things, I’m telling you.

Anyways, I leave you with my delightful blue egg, and the speckled, thus inferior, pink representative.



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