Bangable Dudes in History

I just discovered this thoroughly entertaining blog (thanks to a newsletter from BUST Magazine). As the title implies, it features posts presenting and evaluating Bangable Dudes in History, complete with pie charts.

Bust Magazine’s Kristina Uriegas-Reyes queried, “Have you ever looked through your old school book at images of historical male figures thought, “Dayum that dude is hot,” and then thought, “Wait..that guy is totally dead. Is that creepy?”

Sidebar: I studied Art History
Answer: All the time.

Megan, creator of Bangable Dudes in History: Dead Man Porn for Your Still-Beating Heart, presents a brief bio, a picture and a pie chart to quantify said dude’s historical hotness. It’s pretty entertaining. It reminds me a little of that time I told you all to check out

She is even willing to take submissions for consideration via

I know I have a submission or two to make.

Plus, the blog is branching out to include Bangable Dames. Win, win.


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