On Sleeping Beauty, Prince Philip & the Dress

First of all: Blue!

Second of all, last night good friend and fellow blogger Tim Facebooked this video from Disney’s greatest masterpiece of all time: Sleeping Beauty.

The post was captioned thusly:
The ending to my all-time favorite Disney movie. I think Philip is the most attractive Disney Prince.
Also: clearly that dress looks much better in pink.

The second statement resulted in a flash-fire of fourteen back and forth comments attached to the post. Just between the two of us, arguing pink! vs. blue! If you count the people who came to the party after our 40 minute real-time duel, the count continues.

The first statement pretty much everyone can agree on. I mean, look at that dreamy animated prince. Just look at him!

First of all, he has an actual name, unlike his Disney era contemporaries Prince Charming and the prince from Cinderella. Sure in the official canon of Disney they have been granted names at some point, but that’s rubbish and we all know it.

Secondly, just look at him again in this hilarious/amazing rendition by David Kawena, found via Farahdiyanah. There are slews, by the way, of various Disney men. I know you are tempted.

Thirdly, his horse is jolly and so is his portly father.

Fourthly, he has a jaunty hat.

I could go on, but back to the topic of our contention.

That dress does not look better in pink. It looks better in blue.

And just because Aurora has to wear pink in group shots so as not to clash with Cinderella’s blue-silver get-up, is no proof of the superiority of pink (although I will give you that it is a nice strong shade a pink, not sissy baby pink or anything).

To settle the point, I suggested that Tim start a Facebook poll. So far blue is winning (I mean, obviously), but come on people, come on down and put your vote in!


All this talk of Disney Princesses clearly engendered the need to watch Disney Princess Mean Girls.

And what do you know? I never noticed before but Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella look uncannily like Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert in Mean Girls.

Seriously. Do a critical viewing, you’ll see.

For more laughs, check out part of our simultaneous Gchat on the topic:

Tim: true story: my friend Tina voted “blue” because she confused cinderella with sleeping beauty hahahahaha
Tim: I’m like, WTF Tina!!!
me: I mean, there are blue and pink dresses in that one too
and AGAIN in that movie the blue WINS
just saying
Tim: yes, but usually she’s pictured in pink because cinderella is blue
also: NO. pink wins
that’s what they close the book on
me: blue gets more screen time
Tim: because it sucks
me: /I went through my childhood looking for things involving sleeping beauty shown in blue
Tim: and feels bad for how awesome pink is
me: jeeeeeeeez
Tim: haha. i was content to see her in pink
me: /this makes me want to watch the Disney princess mean girls
Tim: haha
also: Prince Phillip is the HOTTEST Disney prince
me: he is the best
first of all, he has a name and it is not retarded. but mostly, for early Disney… he HAS A NAME
secondly his horse is jolly
thirdly he is so dreamy
Tim: yes
and he will do anything
me: I might have to put this entire conversation in my blog
Tim: also I like his light brown hair
Tim: I’m OK with that
me: and his jaunty hat
and his fat dad
Tim: also: I like that her dress is more hot pink than pastel pink
his dad is SO fat
me: yes, it is a nice strong pink
  it’s not wussy
Tim: I also secretly/out loud loves how he stalks her in the woods
me: haha
Tim: it’s borderline Law and Order SVU
me: hahaha
Tim: but I’d be into it
me: if sleeping beauty was an SVU, that black raven would be a major peeping tom perp
Tim: oh absolutely
he is ridiculous
me: can we take a moment to reflect on the fact (obvs I am watching the Mean Girls parody) on how cinderella and sleeping beauty actually look kind of like each actress… in a creepily true way?
Tim: yessss
(also i just finished watching that)
aurora is SO regina george
I love her long hair that kind of curls at the end
me: yes
Tim: one of my favorite things of ALL-TIME is the owl dressed as a prince with the birds holding up his coat and the rodents in the boots
me: another thing i spent my whole childhood trying to achieve
Tim: I WISH I could train animals to do that
 / I hate the woods
me: ahaha
in real life
squirrels are NOT that helfpul
Tim: truth
they WILL eat through your window screens to get at your open bag of sunflower seeds, though
learned that the hard way…
me: ahaha
oh I remember that
Tim: It’s the worst
but I would kind of be ok with them walking around in my medieval boots
me: well they are good at hopping around
me: total sidebar: my dog has a rawhide and she’s on my bed, and she keeps knocking it off on purpose and then whining for me to get it. not a fun game.
Tim: i love how pick up my shit is your dog’s favorite game


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6 responses to “On Sleeping Beauty, Prince Philip & the Dress

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  2. Tim Yergeau

    This is the best post. Like, ever. From the fabulous re-cap of our dress feud to the raunch Disney Prince photos (I’ve seen them all before… and again and again) and our wonderful gChat conversation… LOVE IT.

    • The prince re-imaginings were news to me. Some of them were pretty scarring. I approve of this one though.

      Also, some of them, I have no idea who they are. Confusion.

      ALSO, sexy Peter Pan is a little too creep for me. Just saying.

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  5. Chelsea

    Blue! It matches with Prince Philip’s outfit…the pink just CLASHES with his red cape :O

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