Savoy Cocktail of the Week: De Rigueur

A delightfully successful return to whiskey, I must declare!

Much like the accoutrements of the lifestyle illustrated on page 58, the De Rigueur is necessary life.

I plan to make it and luxuriously enjoy it all the time. The simple mix of whiskey, grapefruit juice and honey is simply divine, and much more gratifying than lemon tea with honey—I tell you that.

The honey did not mix terribly well in the shaker, it mostly clumped to the cracked ice, so I ended up scooping some of that mixture out and then stirring it into the glasses that I had strained the liquid into. By doing this I managed to get the honey to mix in and dissolve.

All around enjoyment, no criticisms to be had on the taste experience of the De Rigueur. Applause, applause.

Next week we will skip back a step in the alphabet and sing an ode to my favorite marine biologist: Jacques Cousteau. Turn to the Deep Sea Cocktail on page 57 of your manuals. This cocktail was made possible by the acquiring of absinthe.

1 Dash Absinthe
1 Dash Orange Bitters
1/2 French Vermouth
1/2 Old Tom Gin

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. Add 1 olive and squeeze lemon peel on top.



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2 responses to “Savoy Cocktail of the Week: De Rigueur

  1. Honey will dissolve, with a little effort in room temperature booze, but once you add cold juice, and especially the ice, yeah, nothing happening.

    Most bars that have drinks with honey will make a 1-1 syrup using honey and warm water, heck you could even use tea.

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