A Royal Porcelain Mug—Featuring the Correct Prince

My family recently hosted a pair of family friends for dinner. They happen to be Londoners. They suffered no hesitation when selecting the appropriate gift for my sister: a royal wedding mug.

Yes, in my family home now resides a delicate Bone China William & Catherine 4Ever mug. I checked with my super-insider decorative arts skills: indeed the mug does prove to be translucent when held up to the light (yes, that is a fantastic way to determine whether or not something is porcelain).

Even better, it features the unicorn of the United Kingdom coat of arms. My sister may have been most excited about the unicorn.

Unlike the “Harry & Kate” mug that went viral on March 18th, this one does not feature “ornate detailing,” but it does feature Prince William instead of Prince Ginger. This is probably because it is one of seven high-quality, 100% British commemorative mugs produced by McLaggan and Smith for the occasion.

I want them all. Especially the cartoon strip one. And the royal jelly one. Heck, I love them all!

Sidebar: note the fairly uninteresting brouhaha of last week regarding Prince William’s decision not to sport a wedding ring… I guess that memo did not make it to McLaggan Smith before they designed the announcement side of the mug. Too bad. I forgive them based on the merits of the classy silhouette mug and the fact that they know which prince is which.


Don’t you wish you had British friends who brought you things like sugar mice, UK Harry Potter editions and collectible china?

Call me when you get your commemorative mug and we can have a tea party. I have a silver camel-shaped tea pot.

Really. I do.




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