Harry Potter Cocktails

Yesterday I noticed that someone happened upon my blog by searching “polyjuice potion martini.” I have a body of posts relating to Harry Potter, but have never written about or even heard of a polyjuice potion cocktail; however, I am familiar with the Episkey!, second place winner at last year’s new cocktail contest at Louis 649 in New York’s Alphabet City.

So here we are: an entry on Harry Potter themed cocktails.

The Episkey! (named after the spell for healing minor injuries) was created by Jesse Schomer and appears to have two incarnations, one written about on the creator’s blog and the other slightly tweaked version which became a permanent addition to the Louis 649 cocktail list last year. The menu at Louis is full of cocktails to tickle the inner geek, especially of the literary variety. In addition to the subtly entitled Episkey!, there’s the Evelyn Waugh, C.S. Lewis and Writer’s Block. I recommend the Evelyn Waugh.

So for your extracurricular cocktail enjoyment (since yes, I do consider the Savoy Cocktail Book Project to be a homework assignment), I give you the Episkey!

From The Hard Shake

2 oz Applejack
1 oz Carpano Antica
2/3 – 3/4 oz Amaro Meletti
2-3 dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters

From Louis 649 Menu

Cognac, Apple Brandy, Sweet Vermouth, Amaro, Orange Bitters

Use half cognac and half brandy, then infer other ratios from above/experiment.

I ordered the this cocktail the last time I was at Louis, after having completely forgotten about the contest (which I also attended) and was simply tickled to say, “I’ll have the Episkey!”

As for the polyjuice potion martini search that inspired this post, I did some quick research and found the Polyjuice Potion Shot, which seems fairly agreed upon across a variety of websites, such as Mixed Drink World. It involves layering.

1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur
1 oz vodka
1 1/2 oz coffee liqueur
1 oz amaretto almond liqueur
1 splash Coca-Cola

“For this to look like the polyjuice potion in the Harry Potter book, you have to layer the whole concoction. First the kahlua to give the base, then the vodka (which ever you prefer), then so forth. To simulate that the potion is bubbling, add the splash of coke at the top.”

Enjoy with a book.



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2 responses to “Harry Potter Cocktails

  1. Glad you like the Episkey! And, you’re right: for the Louis contest, I used half & half cognac & applejack.

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