Savoy Cocktail of the Week: The Crow Cocktail

There appears to be some disagreement on the proportions of the Crow Cocktail. As you can read in the comments and addendum to last week’s cocktail post, The Savoy Cocktail Book calls for twice as much lemon juice as whiskey, a ratio that is inverted in Here’s How. Some internet digging reveals that equal parts lemon and whiskey are listed in Boothby’s World Drinks.

Overall, it appears the ratio might be a personal preference situation, depending on how sour you like/can stand your drinks. Also depends on how much “1 Dash Grenadine” translates to in your hands. I tend to be a bit heavy on the dash.

All the same, like 12 Bottle Bar says, if you like a whiskey sour, you should probably give this one a shot. One taster described it as “pink grapefruit juice with a punch” and admitted that it grew on her as she sipped—although she could not really say why.

I enjoyed the drink, I love lemon. I used to suck on slices of lemon when I was a kid. Sometimes I still indulge, even though I worry a bit about my tooth enamel being made subject to the habit.

I would definitely make the Crow again. Basic ingredients, simple recipe… if you ask for a whiskey cocktail at my place in the near future, this is what I am recommending.

And for next week? Hold on to your hats, we are delving into letter D on page 56. Plus, we are busting out those bitters again—how I have missed dashing my bitters about.

Davis Brandy Cocktail

1 Dash Angostura Bitters
4 Dashes Grenadine
1/3 French Vermouth
2/3 Brandy

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.


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