Another Alternative Bracket: Hot Lady Athletes, Featuring Julia Mancuso

You may have noticed that this March Words to Bumble has been all about the Muppet Tournament bracket (where you can now vote every 8 hours and I suggest you vote for Alistair Cookie), rather than focusing on actual March Madness (my Alma mater, Boston University, was out in a blink, so obviously I lost interest/was never all that jazzed to begin with).

Today I bring to your attention another alternative bracket competition, because it features Words to Bumble favorite: Alpine skier Julia Mancuso.

Even if it is the Men’s Health Babe Bracket 2011.

Mancuso is in the final four, so if she is one of your favorites too… then go vote here.

Also, the bracket is organized as USA athletes vs. the World.

I think it’s a weird set-up, for the record.


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