Ladies with ‘Staches: Polish Snowboarders Don Facial Hair on the Podium, Maybe They Should Buy This Hat

I found this image/story on my favorite Universal Sports blog, Mr. Universe, of whom I may have already mentioned I am jealous because I want his job.

Basically, these two Polish snowboarding mavens inexplicably rocked ‘staches and patches on the podium at the snowboarding World Cup event in Bardonecchia, Italy last week.

Paulina Ligocka-Andrzejewska was the first to display face fuzz after coming in third for the halfpipe competition. The next day, teammate Katarzyna Rusin showed up with her own manliness after winning the slopestyle event.

According to Rusin’s blog, the facial decoration is an “Adam Małysz moustache.”

Who is that?

Małysz is a Polish ski jumper—one of the greatest—with 4 Olympic medals, 4 World Championships and 4 World Cup titles (the record) to his name.

The facial hair certainly is a match. Not sure why the stunt though…? Answers or theories are welcome.

In the meantime, for those leaning towards a fully bearded and mustachioed look on the slops… You need this hat. Or even if you just live in Brooklyn and enjoy getting weird looks.

Lost at E Minor is full of hot fashion (and other creative realms) tips like this one, and it’s my latest favorite place to browse away my time.

Tara Duff is selling them on Etsy, and you know you want one.

I look forward to the day I see this on a winter sport podium.


By the way, this is what slopestyle looks like.

Rusin/ Universal Sports/ FIS Photo

I did not know.


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