Stuff from the Week: Donating for Japan, Wine, Supermoon Fail, & Dylan’s Friday

Just a couple of things from the past week.

  1. If you have not yet made a donation for the victims in Japan, but would like to, this Mashable article from early last week has some easy hot tips. If you are a soccer person, you can buy this t-shirt. I follow FIFA on Twitter. It happens. Or you know, do your own research on how to do some good. Go forth.
  2. I discovered another possible contender for Charlie Sheen’s wine of choice: Ménage à Trois (the website of which is inexplicably Folieà As you can see, two ladies are frolicking on the cork. I’m beginning to wonder how these bottles of wine end up on my dinner table.
  3. The Supermoon was an epic fail in my hood, where cloudy skies resulted in an average-sized smudge of light in the night sky. Lame. I am exceedingly disappointed. I even discovered the “night landscape” setting on my phone in preparation for the supposed awesomeness.
  4. My sister committed the crime of torture by posting that dreadful Rebecca Black auto-tune on my Facebook profile. I in turn posted the “Bob Dylan” lost original recording inspiration of said failurepeice. I obviously refuse to post the afore-mentioned video on this blog of such high taste.

The end.

P.S. This is what the moon was supposed to look like, as posted by NASA on Flickr (NASA is on Flickr?).


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