Speaking of SNL: Dana Carvey

Recapping the Miley Cyrus edition of Saturday Night Live, reminded of an episode from a while back.

If you missed the triumphant return of the delightful Dana Carvey (to all the kids out there: it’s a guy) to Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago… do yourself a favor and waste some time at work watching the magic.

Just a note. Just a teensy suggestion.

“Wayne’s World”, the Church Lady… they were all there and full of Saturday Night Love. Former cast member returns are always entertaining.


“Wayne’s World” returned as a great cold open in which the dudes presented their Oscar picks—although I could have done without all of the Winter’s Bone jokes (come on people, it was a good movie!)—but this seemed to bother no one aside from me.

“Winter’s Bone. This joke has been done three times.”

Still, overall, it was pretty great.

Plus, whenever Wayne’s World is on, I get to wax poetic about how I used to live a couple of blocks away from the giant cigar Indian.

And hi, Mike Myers came back to play.

Former co-cast member Jon Lovitz also cameo’d in Carvey’s monologue, in which they musically explained that their cast was “the best ever.”

Moving on, “Church Chat” with guests the Kardashians, Snooki and Justin Bieber had me pissing myself.

Church Lady also gave comment on current television programming such as One and A Half Men and  Whore-monger and Skins: “SportsCenter for pedophiles.”

Fantastic. Definitely worth a watch if you missed it last month.


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