Women on the Bridge: 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

Thanks to a special Google Google, internet searchers are reminded to take a moment for International Women’s Day‘s centennial.

Women for Women International and Google have organized an event in honor of the day, and in an effort to improve the lives of women the world over.

The “Join Me on the Bridge” events are being held—you guessed it—on iconic and not-so-iconic bridges across the globe: from the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, to the Great Barriere Bridge between Rwanda and Congo, to the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia.

You can check-in to attend a gathering in person, or show your support by checking in virtually.

You can also chose a specific cause for donation on the website. Women for Women International focuses on female survivors of war; there are also a wide array of organizations listed on the Google site which focus on other causes related to the quality of life for women worldwide.

Or you can come up with your own way to celebrate women, their rights and their achievements.

So if you are a lady, if you like ladies, or if you just know a lady who isn’t all that bad… take a moment and ponder the legacy of International Women’s Day.


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